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    Roof over Pride Park

    Cannot see this happening any time soon. When Pride Park was built the foundations were put in place so that we could add additional height and seating to the stadium if we ever became an established Premier league side. This would not be possible if we slapped a roof on it. Apart from that we have far more important priorities to spend our money on than a new roof. Both Sheffield and Leeds have large concert venues and we would be in competition with these cities.
  2. sheffieldram

    Away kit

    No mystery. This was Derbys away kit during the 1976/77 season. They played many games in this shirt and yes the badge was in the middle.
  3. sheffieldram

    Free to a Rams Fan Home

    Not posted for a very long time but I read the forum every day. Next year will be the 50th year that I have ben a Derby fan and saw my first game at Hillsborough in 1969. We lost 1-0 but I have been hooked ever since even though I am Sheffield born and bred and support Yorkshire CCC. The reason I have come out of the woodwork is the picture of the Ram Programme binder. I have every Derby County home programme for the last 50 years and love the old Newspaper Ram. The binders are hard to get hold of and if anyone else has any to sell I would be only too willing to buy them as I have the newspapers but not enough binders for all the seasons. They are taking over the house and my wife is convinced that if ever we had a fire in the house I would rescue the programmes first before her and the family.!!!!!!

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