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  1. I personally would love to see him return and get a chance under Rowett. Was excited when he signed and have been disappointed that a few managers saw Russell ahead of him in the pecking order.
  2. Should have won player of the season for me, no contest.
  3. You didn't go to Birmingham away a couple of weeks ago then? Only got the last minute winner...
  4. Butterfield has 2 goals from our last 3 games. One of our more technically talented players and people moan because he keeps possession rather than hoofing it away or running round without producing? Fact is he does produce more than most. This is pathetic. Possibility the people who are against Butterfield possibly haven't played football to any standard before? In the above screenshot by @rynny, where would anyone scathing Butterfield propose he play the ball?
  5. Do you know of any future Wanchope's/Stimac's/Eranio's out there?
  6. I'm a huge fan of McClaren and thank him for some of the most fun and pride I have had watching Derby in his recent stints at the club however, do agree with some of your points here. I can't think of many times where we notably changed our game to suit the opposition and counter their style of play. West Brom is the only example I can really think of as an example of this but when it comes to the league, I think we can sometimes be a little complacent in our approach, assuming our strong squad, passing style and our depth is enough to get a result, despite the opposition. Saturday will be interesting in how we approach the game, with Reading having a strong season and a relatively similar style of play to us under Stam.
  7. Are you a happy fan?
  8. Mounir El Hamdaoui?