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  1. Knowing the efl they’ll make the games go ahead so forest and Millwall will have to play youngsters for 2 weeks
  2. 0-3 Derby. FRGS Rooney. Millwall will play u23 as first team self isolates
  3. Least Millwall and forest players will have to self isolate when we play them meaning it’s the u23s or they forfeit the match
  4. Hamer lowe Wiz/Evans Clarke Bogle Bird Rooneh Sibley waggy Knight Martin
  5. I personally think waggy has been good for us this season. Missed chances aside the work he does off the ball is invaluable. He should be on the wing imo.
  6. I think when bielik comes back we should have him drop into the cb position to allow both Lowe and bogle to attack. He was really effective at it at the start of the season
  7. I saw that lad 😂😂he was a right ********. To say the north stand is the family stand I heard 10x more abuse than I normally hear in the east stand next to away fans.
  8. Just watched the highlights back. Apart from their 3 goals it is a lot of us. Sibley Rooney waggy Rooney again. We were very close last night. Another day and that could have been a 2-2
  9. The people complaining about the CBS will be the same people complaining that he shouldn’t have started wisdom against ighalo
  10. Done the math. Their team with starting 11 and subs cost a total 310 million pounds. Add on top of that the wages a week. They should be winning comfortably. We have made an amazing account for ourselves and should have scored if Romero wasn’t making world class saves. I’m proud to be a ram right now.
  11. Could always ask uncle dean for persuasion
  12. I was watching the MLS the other day and josh Morris stood out to me fast direct winger that scored for fun. Also LAFC have some tricky young wingers
  13. The one thing that really annoyed me about the other day was when we had the ball and they Hand balled it and we still had possession so the ref played advantage with both his arms clearly out. Then qpr win the ball back and counter might have been for a goal can’t remember. But he didn’t stop play and it really peeped me off
  14. And a keeper and a centre back and a striker...
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