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  1. could be the last season for the academy 😞
  2. We knew about this a couple months ago. Was always going to win it anyway.
  3. Give me the managers job mate. I’ll sort them out 😂
  4. In 2019 you said that you would give away the club for 1 pound if it was the right owner and the right deal. Be a man of your word. Don’t sell to erik alonso
  5. I’m almost certain that this appeal was just so the efl could fine us and tell us to fix our amortisation policy. I swear that when we first won the case back in summer last year it was stated and known that if the appeal was successful there could be no points deduction
  6. We need a new goalkeeper a new left back if we sell Buchanan. 4 new defenders I’d like to see 3 experienced and one younger. I’d like to see us add one more expierienced centre midfielder and a playmaker. Need 2 more wingers and 2 more strikers. I make that 11 signings. Mix of youth and old
  7. Hello all obviously yesterday was fantastic and high emotions. Now it’s onto next season. I’d like to look at our options regarding managers and coaches etc. I’ve come up with the problems which are clear inexperience and tactically ineptness. To combat this these are what I’d like to see us do. Keep rosinier as a anylsis man because his reading of the game is good. Keep shay given for set pieces and obviously have Wayne as the main man. The rest in my opinion need to go. Justin Walker put back down the the under 18s again and Shane Nicholson probably doing more 1 to 1 fitness sessions in
  8. Sirprised no ones mentioned Jacob beaudeu. Scunny left footed cb 21 years old. Good young prospect. Will definatly not be a starter straight away but will become very good in the coming years
  9. Pretty sure it was stated that we cannot be docked points at All in the appeal. Stop worrying and just take it in
  10. Sign him on a permo. I think he’s fantastic. If that end product was better hes easily a top end champ winger
  11. Rooney again set us up wrong. Bring sibley on take knight off and stop bloody lumping it up 24/7. Our ‘goal’ came from us actually stringing a few passes together
  12. His injury is clearly hampering him a lot. We walks about the pitch a lot more. Hopefully he recovers over this pre season
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