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  1. Wilson is really not that good he’s average at best
  2. Whatever your opinions on this man are, you have to admit it was night and day in performances when he starts. He might be selfish and there’s work to be done but he always looked to take on his man and always looked to create a chance or shoot. Quality performance from him. Hopefully shuts the haters up for at least 2 weeks.
  3. Max bird will be in the squad somewhere today not played for u23 yesterday and not in u18.
  4. Looks like In 2 days he’ll sign by the emoji or this could be one big joke by him.
  5. All the results are going in our favour look at Bristol last night. All we need is frank to go into training and slap half of the players and get them playing with power and tenacity. I would also be tempted to play bird and sibley and integrate them in the line up instead of the cdm and cm but it’ll be huge when we get mount. Let’s look at this in a positive note. COYR I believe
  6. Think you’re being harsh mate but I agree something isn’t right in the club.
  7. Something is happening 100%. We don’t go from playing as a team to today where Wilson was having a go at people and just generally looked negative. Franks seemed to lost his passion that he had at the start and just says the same s#1t every week how we didn’t turn up and the championship is a tough league bla bla bla. Someone needs to do a leeds and see what these players are doing in training because they look absolutely done with the club.
  8. Honestly frank lampard is starting to annoy me seems to have lost all passion and seem to have lost it on the pitch aswell. Absolute shocking and I give up..... see you all next week
  9. Big Trav


    Right lads there’s 14 games to go. If we can just clinch top 6 we’ll be sound as we play better against more open sides. I’ve come here to remind us all that it’s franks first season he’s brought in quality players and with Mel Morris apparently selling up we could see a huge financial investment in the lampard way from someone else. I love Mel and what he’s done he’s a top man. You can see what franks building too maybe not recently but you can see glimpses. The higher position we finish the more money we get so let’s not get annoyed when we play slow football let’s get behind the lads and get them bouncing. Also we only have to go through 14 games where nugent could potentially play.
  10. I give up. This happens every year and I’m getting tired of it. We’re never going up and it’s sad because I love this club and it’s just getting to me.
  11. I was just rewatching some of the clips from this season and realised that this season compared to last the players seem to care. The players look deflated when we lose and are so happy when we win. Even the loan players tomori especially when he scored against Norwich. Could this get us through the usual wobble we have around this time? The most passionate players are keogh tomori Roos and marriott. Thoughts??
  12. Just a thought after the Preston game. When we switched to 3 centre backs we looked a whole lot safer at the back but also then we actually created more opportunities. Could frank start switching to this formation especially with efe ambrose looking to join. We would have the perfect blend at centre half. Tomori for pure pace and mopping up. Efe ambrose marks the big man and keogh just does keogh things. This would allow Scott and Jayden to get forward and stop us being countered so often. Have Andy king or hudds or Evans sit and allow mount to attack with waggy Marriott and duane up top
  13. He defends at the back scores on attack efe ambroooooseeeee
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