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  1. couple things need to happen especially at home. We cannot be playing hudds and Evans together it’s far too defensive at home. We should be going at their throats from the get go. Either drop one of hudds and Evans or drop both for bielik and play start knight for dowell. Marriott is also a mist starter wether that means waghorn and Marriott start together as a 2 or waggy goes on the wing where he is less effective. I’d start with this with the potential for a diamond midfield Lawrence dropping into the free roaming 10 role and waggy going up top for the striker partnersnip of dreams Roos lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Knight sninniesta waggy Lawrence Marriott
  2. George seems to be one of them players that does the simple stuff right and keeps everything ticking. Can definitely see him starting many away games with bielik with Evans sitting a bit deeper and mopping up everything that gets passed bielik. He’s just one of them players that goes unnoticed for a lot of the little things he does. He could be integral in our away form this season as he is a good defender but he can also pick a good forward pass
  3. Bojan?? Just been released from stoke and this could be a good cheap option for that attacking playmaker role
  4. Don’t get my people are t happy with malone. Sure he may not be the best defensively but there is a correlation of when he plays the team tends to win. That’s enough for me
  5. Has anyone actually got theirs yet??
  6. I’ve been chanting this for a while ever since underthecosh went with Sheffield United fans. It is one of the main chants me and my mates go to and we chanted this all of last week when I went to zante.
  7. I’m have been told that mr Phillip is currently at moor farm looking around the training facilities
  8. I’ve heard a certain Phillip is currently at moor farm
  9. Leeds sniffing round him we need to pick him up quickly if we want him.
  10. I’m not usually the one to have a go at anyone but I feel as if lampard got it wrong. I understand the injuries but playing Lawrence up front is not the answer when we have Marriott on the bench who has shown he can score. Apart from that everyone put a shift in and it’s been a decent season and villa were not even very good at all. We were better but we go again. Just worries with no Wilson mount or tomori.
  11. Man of the match performance for me. Won everything chased everything and in general was a class above anyone.
  12. Cj Hamilton would be a clever low risk signing
  13. I’m thinking of going on my first away day for leeds. When do tickets realease and how do I get them??
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