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  1. Like I said in the other thread during the match. What I’ve heard from a reliable source is that Rooney and cocu have had an argument over Wayne’s commitment to the club. He also stated that Rooney barely turns up to training any more. When you think about it, it does make sense. Wayne looks ‘chunky’ to say the least and also looks like he doesn’t care. There was a chance today where a committed Rooney would smack the ball into the top corner but passed it to jozwiak in a worse position. Take this info with a pinch on salt tho as I cannot confirm it myself however this lad is usually correct.
  2. Hope we look at upgrading the defensive coach or adding one because we cannot defend
  3. I’m still cocu in. I’ll give him until after The international break to sort us out.
  4. To be fair it’s the same system we played last season when we were the inform team
  5. Please take all my info with a pinch of salt. This lad is usually reliable and as some people would say ‘in the know’ but I can’t confirm it myself.
  6. He also mentioned how Mel is close to pulling the trigger but can’t from a financial standpoint
  7. Rooney has a clause in the contract....
  8. The lad that told me about bobby Duncan. Also mentioned about Rooney and cocu having a little bit of a problem with eachother. Mainly because Rooney is now treating us as a last pay check and he barely turns up to training and has a poor attitude. He also mentioned that cocu will not be sacked. Too much money for Mel who is looking to sell up asap.Take this all with a pinch of salt but this lad is usually quite reliable.
  9. They don’t look like they want to play for cocu unfortunately 😞 lots of stuff behind the scenes by the sounds of it. Only heard a little tho
  10. Football games can turn fast. If they can score 3 in 3 we can.
  11. Need one of bird or Rooney. Can’t have both.
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