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  1. We need clarity from right at the top. Mel this is directed at you. We as supporters need to know wtf is going on at our club right now. We’ve got a ‘superstar’ manager that seems clueless and is publicly stating that his hands are tied with transfers. The season starts in 2 weeks and we haven’t made a single signing and still have 0 Center backs. The club feels in free fall and it’s down right disrespectfu but you don’t care because you know we the fans will still buy our tickets and merchandise. Either sort this poo out this season and sell a championship or good luck trying to sell a league 1 club for a twix and a Mars bar
  2. Mel if you think youll get 20 mill for this club. Wouldnt even get 5 mill because were baso a league 1 club
  3. Weve had the chances just canny score. Same as last year
  4. I dont think well score more than 20 goal this year not going to lie
  5. Wet paper towell is stronger than bird
  6. If he’s got another year contract extension. Activate that option. And in jan when hopefully when all this mess is over we can offer him a new contract
  7. If Buchanan goes forest I’m refunding me season ticket until Mel leaves the club
  8. 15 million and he can leave. He’s got interest from prem clubs. We’ll just get him a new contract easy stuff
  9. Who do you think will be the ‘breakout’ player this season. Lots of hype around players like ebosele etc. While I think he’ll tear up the champ next year the one player I’m super exited about is issac Hutchinson. Tidy player and feel like he could be huge for us going forward
  10. Kyle Edwards, antione bernabe, Tom lees, oriol busquets and Felix nmecha are all free
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