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  1. Man of the match performance for me. Won everything chased everything and in general was a class above anyone.
  2. Cj Hamilton would be a clever low risk signing
  3. I’m thinking of going on my first away day for leeds. When do tickets realease and how do I get them??
  4. I’m dying for lampard to play him in the centre of midfield. He’s a hard working player he’s tracks up and down. However he’ll need to learn to get the ball and pass.
  5. Anything actually happening in this game?
  6. Only places I can see that need transfers is a good solid young CB tomori maybe?? Seems to enjoy life here more than the other 2. The midfield should be built around Holmes in my opinion. He’ll need a equally good player at linking play aribo?? and he’ll need someone to play that kante role of winning the call and playing it simple someone like gunnarson from Cardiff?? The attack looks alright but I’d say we need a better right winger 100% and loan Thomas out for another season. He’s looked good at cov but still work to do.
  7. Evans was brought in for cover and had done his job. Nothing special and reflects his 350k price tag. Jozefzoon has had moments where he’s looked good. He’ll need a run of games. He’s not really had much of an opportunity.
  8. Guys it’s really not that bad. The summer will be a very busy one and well properly get to see the lampard way. Then and only then can we decide weather he’s a decent manager or not. A lot of deadwood will be out and a lot of young hungry players will be implemented. We as fans cannot judge lampard on this season as the players we have are pretty poor and frankly we have overachieved. Let’s rebuild from the ground up and hopefully next season push on. Stop with all the negative comments about lampard for the time being let’s see what he can achieve with his own players in his own style rather than 4 different managers players. I believe. COYR
  9. Playoffs over. Playing for pride from now on
  10. Johnson has battled away won the ball but had been poor at passing. Mount is creating space and being a playmaker. Bryson has just given away fouls and been apauling.
  11. Has rowett come back to chithouse our way through ffp now?
  12. With us claiming to be making a 15miion profit does this mean there will be investment in players next summer??
  13. Was watching older videos of us a couple years ago and it reminds me how much I miss this beautiful man and hope he returns to us some day
  14. Would love that edouard guy from Celtic big strong and quick
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