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  1. Ince's Replacement

    I'd love to see us go in for some loans. Lookman of Everton and Ojo of Liverpool would both perform well at this level. I think it has been to our detriment that we haven't utilized the loan market well of late.
  2. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    I wonder what the correlation of those who voted for brexit and have such views are.
  3. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    In the long run the team that spends the most on wages will gain the highest league position. The correlation is pretty high. I believe these are two outliers. I'm just of the opinion that FFP is an obstruction of market forces. I think you will find in the future the other two to be outliers, especially Huddersfield. I think you if sell the clubs best home grown talent of generations then you are definitely living by the sword.
  4. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    I think this throws up a plethora of questions. Firstly, why has the club under the pretences of the Derby Way sold it's two home grown jewels in the last two years to fuel a transfer policy dictated by managers who last only months. This is a damning indictment on the short termism of this club. In my opinion we have not shot ourselves in the foot, but the head. With such short term attitudes how can we expect to see another Hughes when there is so much unrealistic expectation upon every manager. Secondly, does this not undermine the legitimacy of FFP in regards to competitivity. In a time where relegated clubs gain infitely more revenue than existing championship clubs how can there be a break upon the monopoly of such clubs coming down. The advantage they have in revenue to offset FFP means they have to be run like Villa in order to not challenge. It's a rigged race, and it's not getting fairer. FFP had lofty aims, it has ultimately acted as a huge barrier to entry. If a club is run well, when what right do a league have to reduce its potential spending power when compared to these quickly assembled behemoths. If Hughes is to be sold in order to placate FFP requirements then shame on those who created them as it is a petard to competition. Lastly I'll just miss his elegance, his wit and imagination. What a shame it has come to this. We should have been his Watford.
  5. Ramsplayer

    Well until we get our Isreal I guess the beleaguered are doomed to trot the plains.
  6. Ramsplayer

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/05/04/overseas-fans-can-watch-team-live-every-week-next-season-long/ Apologies for the lazy link but it would seem that it will cost £110 for the tv package for emigres. It remains to be seen if the coverage will be in house or part of a league-wide initiave. How much would UK based Rams be prepared to pay for coverage of every game?
  7. Ramsplayer

    I heard of approx £100 for the season, which I would go to for a pass to watch every game of the season. Be interesting to see how it pans out across the league. The NFL uses a similar system which has been mooted in the premier league as well. Interesting times in terms of English football media. Will also be interesting to see how they frame the coverage, I.e. if it is match only or developed further into panel pre and post match.
  8. Ramsplayer

    Does anyone know the specifics of the pricing structure for the streaming service? As a wandering Ram this news puts me in my happy place.

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