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  1. I've done a few of these, mate a fan of the opponent sort of thing. Port Vale away when I was a kid (dad's mate) was uneventful. Leeds in their stand behind the goal, think we lost, it was before we had the run of beating them. I kept quiet that match, it felt like if they outed me I would be in trouble. SheffWeds in the kop, we won and when we scored one of my mates shouted Derby fan and pointed at me. Anyway he's no mate anymore. No one punched me, I count that as lucky moment as a travelling fan. Wednesday again in their boxes. With their fans. We won 5-0 and were embarrassingly good, Marco got at least one, it was that era. All the Wednesdayites were very polite. I enjoyed that one, and it was 🍺 on them
  2. Talking of playing advantage.. Saw an interesting decision last week at Garforth town. It's on YouTube and worth watching. GT player hacks oppo down on edge of their box. Oppo break so ref correctly waves play on. In the same passage of play, about 10 seconds, oppo on the edge of GT box and the same player hacks him down (different oppo player, same GT player). Both were bad fowls a few seconds apart. Ref gives a yellow, yellow and then the red. Right decision from ref and never seen that before
  3. Good win lads. Made my weekend a lot better. That's all I have to say, nite all
  4. I'm trying to think positively. 1. We don't have a deduction yet, QPR avoided it, so there is precedent that a charge does not automatically equal a deduction. 2. If we do get a deduction 9 points was Birmingham's, so it's reasonable to expect that sort of level. We are 10 points off relegation and I would expect us to finish above bottom 3. We are unlikely to get to top 6 without the deduction and had it come last season it would have ruined a very enjoyable ride and might have meant Leeds went up. If it comes, then we draw a line under the season and move on. Let's not forget Knight, Sibley and the rest will be more experienced and improved by the start of next season. Tough year though, my lads are young and just getting into it, it might be hard work. COYR.
  5. Funny thing about this thread is it's headed, 'investment close', dated 21 October... I do think it will happen, but the feeling I have is I will believe it when I see it. Let's be honest we have no idea really what's going on other than a few soundbites from Mel. It's a bit like us actually getting into the Premier League.
  6. I would say Marriott is a top 6 player, with the right support. Last season he had it with Mount and Wilson. He should have played more, I think that's mostly agreed. Scored 3 playoff goals when it mattered. But he is the sort of striker - probably like most - that thrive on attacking play and talent around him. In a team like WBA, Fulham or even Bristol I think he'd be banging them in this season. He seems a bit out of favour and fitness but I think he's one to keep on with as his natural finishing is the best I've seen at the club for a long time. I agree with comments that Bogle and Bielek are good enough, and i would personally add Lawrence to the list, albeit very inconsistent - but he is a matchwinner. 4 isnt enough. Last year we had 3-4 more, I don't need to name... I expect even relegated teams have 2 or 3 decent top 6 players.
  7. The moment Van Der Laan scored against Palace, was up there as my best DCFC moment. On the popside, with my mates, on the pitch I think afterwards, week on week seeing Sturridge rip apart defences and Stimac Imperial at the back was amazing. And then it got better. We had world class players like Eranio, Asanovic and Biano come (ok world class might push it, but they weren't far off were they). We made some relatively unknown players - Laursen, Poom, Wanchope become top players in the EPL and beat the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and the rest like the top 6 side we were. This was Jim's team and I will be in your debt forever, thank you sir for the memories and RIP.
  8. Foz for me. Longstanding, decent player and friendly signing autographs for my son's. What's the song again about our other Forsythe? Brucies got big boxxxxxx... I recall seeing Michael feigning carrying a wheelbarrow containing his balls - a la Viz - at Wolves one year. Legend. Anyone else?
  9. Paul McGrath obviously, what a wonderful player. But Keogh was pretty good though at times let's not forget
  10. I'm not watching so this is a genuine question, not intended to incite anyone or cause disgruntlement, but are we missing you know who at the back? Or is that so obvious I shouldn't even have said it. He often turned up in games like this.
  11. This doesn't prove Cocu will do this though, but it proves it can be done. Farke is probably the exception, rather than the rule. Personally I think he should be given time, we've only lost 3 in the league, just drawn too many. His squad is worse than last season and the ever present captain is out for...a long time. I think Cocu has been dealt a difficult hand.
  12. I don't remember the leaflet. Trevor Hebbard though was a good midfielder in that side, but not close enough in ability to Shilton and co. Probably worth £20m today though. Very underated. Unlike Nick Pickering and Steve Cross, who imo were just not up to it.
  13. Going back on topic I am fully behind the Rams, but I do feel a bit jaded, which was a word mentioned in an earlier post. I think just missing out for more or less the last 5 seasons has been tough on the fans. The flip side to this is that we've won more than we've lost and it has been entertaining at times, and we have seen some great football. Maybe the conclusion is getting out of the Championship is a bit of a bgger.
  14. It's individual opinions. I remember successive promotions under Cox. Then Shilton, Wright and Saunders (and Tin Man) and then the Bald Eagle and my personal best Derby side at that time. Even horrible Billy got us up. They were more exciting times than the last 5 years as far as I'm concerned. That said McLarens best side and last season were good, very good at times. So I don't think you can say last 5 years were bad, but over say the last 30 odd years there has been at least 10 years better. For me excitement and entertainment is being a top side and actually getting promotion or doing well in the PL, not just missing out every season. In fact my mates Derby whatsapp is now called 2nd or 7th, the feeling of finishing in the playoffs again has worn us all out.
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