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  1. Odds are we won't, let's be objective about it. Probably need to win 7 games at least, with our away record. Sorry to be so negative, but Eric is right. I expect us to get closer than we are, things are looking up, but there are too many teams above us. Just one or two of them going on a run stops us. I'd love you all to come on here and slag me off in 2 months time, but I look at it with a heavy dose of realism. Sorry folks. UTR.
  2. Phil Gee was my idol đŸ˜„. Gee was an out and out no.9 old school centre forward from my memory. An absolute classic striker of his time. Love Sibley and he might be better, but he's no Gee.
  3. He scored that cracker for Bristol Rovers a couple of week ago? It was on a par with Sibley's today.
  4. Slightly off topic but I can't ever remember so much quality breaking through from the 'youth team'. Bogle last season - still has some defensive frailties but clearly now worth a few £million. Knight banging in a few goals and announcing himself, he is first team level. Bird and Lowe doing well and pushing on. And perhaps the best has just stepped up in Sibley. Realistically we won't know who is going to develop to the very top level for another couple of seasons. That said, a decent championship level player who isn't over 25 is probably worth £3-6million these days, so that is arguably
  5. Grandad went to FA cup final, Dad saw them win the league twice, i saw them runners up in Anglo Italian final and my kids went to Wembley in May last year. The ups and downs is what makes us Derby fans, wouldn't want it any other way. When the next up comes it means it's even more special.
  6. I've done a few of these, mate a fan of the opponent sort of thing. Port Vale away when I was a kid (dad's mate) was uneventful. Leeds in their stand behind the goal, think we lost, it was before we had the run of beating them. I kept quiet that match, it felt like if they outed me I would be in trouble. SheffWeds in the kop, we won and when we scored one of my mates shouted Derby fan and pointed at me. Anyway he's no mate anymore. No one punched me, I count that as lucky moment as a travelling fan. Wednesday again in their boxes. With their fans. We won 5-0 and were embarrassingly g
  7. Talking of playing advantage.. Saw an interesting decision last week at Garforth town. It's on YouTube and worth watching. GT player hacks oppo down on edge of their box. Oppo break so ref correctly waves play on. In the same passage of play, about 10 seconds, oppo on the edge of GT box and the same player hacks him down (different oppo player, same GT player). Both were bad fowls a few seconds apart. Ref gives a yellow, yellow and then the red. Right decision from ref and never seen that before
  8. Good win lads. Made my weekend a lot better. That's all I have to say, nite all
  9. I'm trying to think positively. 1. We don't have a deduction yet, QPR avoided it, so there is precedent that a charge does not automatically equal a deduction. 2. If we do get a deduction 9 points was Birmingham's, so it's reasonable to expect that sort of level. We are 10 points off relegation and I would expect us to finish above bottom 3. We are unlikely to get to top 6 without the deduction and had it come last season it would have ruined a very enjoyable ride and might have meant Leeds went up. If it comes, then we draw a line under the season and move on. Let's not
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