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  1. Flares I thought were a signature of hardcore Ultras, some might call them idiots when it reaches a certain level. But the Cardiff fans were rubbish I thought, I didn't hear them all game and I was sat relatively close. Took the fire right out of them.
  2. I think you're safe with this, looks to me like he's not in Cocus plans. Personally I wouldn't play him, it looks to me like MF and wide men are letting us down, Jack and Waggers are ahead of Martin surely.
  3. Good luck pal, sounds interesting. I live in Leeds 😔 and know a good few HTFC fans. Part of the common bond is that you hate LUFC even more than we do. I'll mention the book to them. My view on the current crop of ex Huddersfield Rams for what it's worth... Holmes - can be a great player and already first XI quality, could be a real breakthrough season if he stays fit. Malone - I quite like him, but he seems a bit marmite with our fan base. Gives 100% and defensively can play well, but I'm not sure if he's our best LB. Good luck for the season, it looks like you might need it from how it's started.
  4. For me it's that we want to love him, we want him to do well, we want him to be the future as he's from round here, and he's okay as a wide attacker ( but poor as CF). BUT - overall he is not good enough to start regularly. He has had plenty of opportunities and not done well enough. Someone earlier said it's unfair to compare him to Hughes as he was a class above, but that is the entire point, players like Hughes would be first on the team sheet and what we need going forwards. I've not seen enough of Knight, Sibley, Buchanan et all yet, but even if one of them gets close to Hughes we will have found a gem. I'd personally keep Bennett as a squad player for impact coming off the bench, he's pretty decent at that.
  5. Dowells problem is he is following perhaps 3 of the best loans ever at the club, and he is filling Mason Mounts boots. I saw him against Swansea and I think he did well enough and he's the best option in that role. We will know more in 10-15 games time, too early to be concerned for me.
  6. 1-0 Stoke. Pessimistic. Feel we lack goals a bit now. Unless Marriott plays 90 then I adjust to 1-1.
  7. Slightly peeved at the lack of love for the Gee/Davison combo, I'll grant you it was lower league and a while back but those boys could destroy defences and paint sheds for fun. Anyone else got some love for these two? As a combo there wasn't much better ( other than those suggested but not Hulse)
  8. From my point it was live at a game, but I don't suppose watching on TV at the time makes much difference. I would love to say Hector, as my dad does, but not being born can't really count can it. Actually changed my mind, Steve Bloomer in 1894 was legendary .
  9. This is entirely my feeling. Hard game to predict but probably low scoring. Watch it be 3-3 now I've said that. Would like to see Bielek and Marriott start.
  10. No mention for Phil Gee then? He did a decent job on my dad's kitchen not far back, by all accounts. Proper centre forward was Phil, and with Bobby alongside...
  11. As a new member and long time voyeur who belatedly decided to get with it, I thought I'd pose the question. Partly in a way of introducing myself. Phil Gee and Bobby D were our forwards when my old man started to take me to the BBG. For a couple of seasons or more they were on fire. I can't be sure how many they got between them but it seemed like close to 40 a season. One of my early memories was Gee scoring at Brammall Lane to secure a win and put us on the verge of promotion. Maybe though the most talented combo was Saunders and Goddard. A mate said only the other day the goal at old Trafford was one of our best. I enjoyed the Kitson, Gabbiadini and Super Tommy Johnson attack. Felt a bit like it never quite lived up to what it could of been though. In more recent times (for me anyway) Biaino and Wanchope, and last season's 3 up top when Wilson, Marriott and Lawrence were rocking was going some. So who is it then, which forward line for you? A two or a three? Or a one man Chrissy Martin in his pomp? And hello by the way, from what I've seen you lot are a decent bunch...
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