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  1. This doesn't prove Cocu will do this though, but it proves it can be done. Farke is probably the exception, rather than the rule. Personally I think he should be given time, we've only lost 3 in the league, just drawn too many. His squad is worse than last season and the ever present captain is out for...a long time. I think Cocu has been dealt a difficult hand.
  2. I don't remember the leaflet. Trevor Hebbard though was a good midfielder in that side, but not close enough in ability to Shilton and co. Probably worth £20m today though. Very underated. Unlike Nick Pickering and Steve Cross, who imo were just not up to it.
  3. Going back on topic I am fully behind the Rams, but I do feel a bit jaded, which was a word mentioned in an earlier post. I think just missing out for more or less the last 5 seasons has been tough on the fans. The flip side to this is that we've won more than we've lost and it has been entertaining at times, and we have seen some great football. Maybe the conclusion is getting out of the Championship is a bit of a bgger.
  4. It's individual opinions. I remember successive promotions under Cox. Then Shilton, Wright and Saunders (and Tin Man) and then the Bald Eagle and my personal best Derby side at that time. Even horrible Billy got us up. They were more exciting times than the last 5 years as far as I'm concerned. That said McLarens best side and last season were good, very good at times. So I don't think you can say last 5 years were bad, but over say the last 30 odd years there has been at least 10 years better. For me excitement and entertainment is being a top side and actually getting promotion or doing well in the PL, not just missing out every season. In fact my mates Derby whatsapp is now called 2nd or 7th, the feeling of finishing in the playoffs again has worn us all out.
  5. Complety correct. The legal point would be v hard to justify not paying him. He got in a car, when (allegedly) drunk with a driver who we know has since failed a breath test. If Dcfc suspended him (without pay) , as an 'employee' , they would have to show he has more or less commited gross misconduct. If you look at this as a reasonable employer, most likely me and you wouldn't get done at work for this - but we would as the driver. If someone who worked for me ( a few do) in this circumstance I'd be upset about it, but paying wages would depend on the contract of employment. At my place it's only 8 days. As a footballer they will get much better contracts with more favourable terms. That said I do wonder if there are clauses that if the 'sickness' is due to your own neglect, then payment might be restricted. Who knows though? My own view is I am disappointed if we pay him £100k or whatever x 15 months, eg. £1.5m when he made a very bad decision. The moral view is an entirely different matter, whether we think he should be paid or not.
  6. Been to both. Garda bigger and more to do, easy trip to Verona if you are near the bottom of the lake. Amazing place with loads of options. We are looking at going again in 2020. Stayed at Peschiera del Garda last time and that's a great spot. Went to Como 10 years ago. More stunning and isolated, felt like Lake district with amazing weather. A lot quieter and less options, but scenery wise it's amazing. Near ish to Milan, we went to the San Siro and watched Inter. We have kids now so personally Garda is the better option, but Como is also amazing. It's a nice choice tbf
  7. So we need a leader more than ever now and someone who will stay in the first team... Davies is a decent bet, but seems a bit injury prone. Martin might not play enough and unsure of leadership. Struggling to be honest. A gamble that might pay off is Bogle. Got a season under his belt and capable of being our best player. Big ask for a young lad, but I'm edging toward it.
  8. Bus drivers, HGV drivers, any professional drivers would be sacked. Depends on job though really and contract of employment to some extent. In our case it will likely depend on what value they have to DCFC. If we sack them (indeed if we can under the contract, but a conviction may qualify as gross misconduct) then we lose a few million of our assets. Another club would then take them for free, to their benefit. If one of my staff got done for drink driving they might get sacked (driving isn't the job) but being brutally honest it might come down to how much they are worth to the business. Personally I don't think we will terminate their contracts.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly with this and for me Keogh is less culpable and has the biggest consequence. Doesn't mean he didn't make a serious error of judgement, but it's worse being a drunk driver than a drunk passenger in most people's books. But I am feeling shock, anger, upset and all sorts of things right now and I think I need to reassess it all when more comes out about the circumstances, which it will, probably at Court. Effing hell.
  10. I get the oil tanker point, good description. Tomori was/is more of a Ferrari (okay the ship equivalent) But to some extent there is a place for both types of player. I think Clarke will be better in the air, for me that was Tomoris weak spot.
  11. Just got in not read the thread. Loved to slash on their fire again. Chrissy has shown me I'm wrong. One sniff, one goal. Best end to a game since... Elland Rd.
  12. *We look better away. Before it starts, I forgot about Brentford (won't mention the Caribou cup). But both wins have been away so far.
  13. First away match for about 5 years. First away match for my two lads. First away match for my cousin from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I live in Leeds so its not a new trip though, seen 3 or 4 Derby games at Elland Rd. The one that sticks in the memory is the 1-0 win with a Giles Barnes goal. I missed both last season which I regret, especially as the missus is a L**ds fan. I don't need any sympathy, it's hard enough without that. I digress. Their fans tell me they are struggling at home, and we look better away. Lawrence missing might be a red herring if this was going to be his typical performance 4 out of 5, 1 out of 5 being his world beater. They are worried about Marriott, and I think he will need to take his chances if we are to get a result. COYR.
  14. Flares I thought were a signature of hardcore Ultras, some might call them idiots when it reaches a certain level. But the Cardiff fans were rubbish I thought, I didn't hear them all game and I was sat relatively close. Took the fire right out of them.
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