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  1. When is a shirt, not a shirt?

    It's just another version of the Derby pie. And the players are the fruit. If anyone thinks that's what helps motivates a player to earn £10k+ per week, then they're sadly mistaken. There's similar framed pictures where I work with slogans such as 'innovate' and 'inspire' written against beautiful scenery. They're as laughable as the twonk who put them up.
  2. Repeal and Replace

    Rowett talks a lot of management twaddle. He says what people want to hear and I imagine he's like Steve Mac in an interview; all positive platitudes and PowerPoint waffle. They play a great game verbally but rarely produce the goods. It's like listening to David Brent trying to bluff his way with his bosses. In fact Derby remind me of a pie.
  3. Why only 27,000 today

    Disagree. It's the performances from the team. I know folk who've had STs for decades not renew this season. They're not half fans or whatever; just fed up. No matter how it's spun, with regards to divisional standing, we are currently in one of the most under performing, if not the most under performing periods in our history. And conversely, with maybe the most generous riches at our disposal. It might come good but not with Gary and these players.
  4. It's an enduring image
  5. I support them. Just don't think they're good enough.
  6. Outplayed for long spells by a poor Sunderland and totally outplayed by Wolves. Rowett will never get Derby promoted. He's no better than Wassal but talks more twaddle.
  7. Mr cliche management talk is so far out his depth.
  8. Should we lower our expectations

  9. Watching game in Cornwall

    Some cracking pubs in Whitley Bay with the game on
  10. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Lots in Newcastle and get the metro through. Sunderland makes Derby look like New York.
  11. Players having more than one spell at the club

    One of the best was when Bobby came back and almost fired us to promotion. Got his 100th Derby goal too I seem to remember.
  12. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    A 'like' for 'crop rotation in the 14th century'. thats made my morning! Did you see the real life episode recently where someone actually answered a question with Toxteth O'Grady?
  13. The Rams are going up

    Oh ye of little faith
  14. The Rams are going up

    You know it, I know it. The word is spreading
  15. well done today lads

    I think Phil Neville is a complete pr1ck

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