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  1. Derby County V Forest...more than just a game

    Wow, that was good! Thanks mate.
  2. Come on Palace

    Oh they'll beat the 11 points no probs
  3. Derby County V Notts Forest

    3 points the morra and we're sat ok ish to make a recovery this season. We certainly have the players. Just need the guidance and motivation to click on. From my conversations with other clubs fans, outsiders looking at us without actually seeing us play much are shocked at our current position. They see our players and don't get it. (I don't fully get it I suppose). i won't be there in person but doing the more committed thing of spending the price of a ticket on beer.
  4. Come on Palace

    Palace looking good for a win right now. in a 20 game season id still expect all teams to get 11+ points. its all circumstantial anyway; a different era and the most bizarre situation. Sod it
  5. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Oh go on then. Dig that one out of the net Mark Crossley. Not a chance.
  6. Derby County V Notts Forest

    We've all seen it but it never fails to make the owd spine tingle. You know the drill. Graham Richards perfectly commentating on another notts drubbing. Forest are in absolute ruins...
  7. Another Chris Martin Thread

    H'd be playing for Derby as No9 if i had the choice. The other forwards would be competing for the remaining places to compliment his talent. And we have some good competition up front too - just needs the right tactics to make it click.
  8. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Zanzala is definitely worth more at Scrabble. (if names were allowed...) Seriously though, Zanzala could be the next Liam Dickinson.
  9. I disagree. It's this season too.
  10. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Chris Martin has just put England through to the World Cup. Top Ram.
  11. Let's look at the positives.

    Rowett reminds me of Southgate. Derby remind me of England. Wembley reminds me PP. Slovenia remind me of Plymouth Argyle. I hope Hart isn't Steve Cherry.
  12. halloween when play hull city

    something really horrid; like a forest fan?
  13. Steve Bloomer Trophy

    Funnily enough, the only people in my office who got swine flu already had extensive sickness records. The swines.
  14. Tom Lawrence

    I think he would've thrived in the Mc1 team. So far he looks ok but maybe it's difficult in the current team to play his best. Based on the glimpses I've seen so far, I think that he'll get better and could be a 'proper winger' with pace who can beat a man and cross / score. The new Ince, Cally, Simmo....
  15. Steve Bloomer Trophy

    Paul Goddard is my guess

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