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  1. Rams TV Interview with Bobby Davison

    Bobby's fine. He's just still in shock at playing for Leeds. It's the footballing equivalent of being sent in to clean Chernobyl the day after melt down. The money's good but it'll knack you up.
  2. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    'Bald Eagles Barmy Army' was great. Loved singing that and seeing how far you could take it. Like you say, 20 mins plus. The only thing that would stop it would be a Derby goal. And then after a brief pause... Bald Eagle Barmy Army
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    One for each flavour.
  4. Rowett

    Right, what am I missing? Who's employed by the club? As what? When? What's the implications other than an opinion? Unless it's Gary or a player, I'm not bothered. If it's Gary or a player then 'now then, how's it going?' Actually, if it's you Gary, can we have a word about your footwear please? You either need some adidas originals or some Paul Smith (yeah I know it's notts) shoes / boots. The rest is fine as a work in progress. Maybe add a nice Vialli inspired tank top and shirt combo for the forthcoming spring season but time to ditch the Barbour esque padded quilt jacket. A bit 2016.
  5. Song for Mr Colin Warnock

    Top boy ont intertwit said we should run out to 'Informer' by Snow. Haha!
  6. Dissertation research

  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I think most Derby fans have sympathy for the Cardiff fans who were travelling today. I've been there mate and it's bloody annoying. But for some, the anti Warnock feeling has been around for years and years. It wouldn't bother me if Cardiff were 1st or 21st. Warnock is annoying and if I was a fan if any other club, I'd look at today's rant / mardy and just think to myself, 'there he goes again'. when he perceives an injustice, boy don't we all know about it. when he's on the fortunate end of something, he laughs and jokes telling all that's just the way it goes. he enjoyed his little moment in the spotlight today and the propaganda piece he engineered. But good luck to Cardiff me owd. You're where we want to be, no denying it
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    No Roy. He's not spot on with his accusations is he? You're on a crusade v Gary but you can't blame this on him. You have no proof. You are using supposition not facts. I'm putting out a rumour right now that Gary is fuming about this as he said he was going to get 3 points today. There: I said it on the internet, so it's true. We were going to win and now we haven't. Warnock is a recognised rent-a-quote who is rightly disappointed. Their fans are disappointed. Some of whom I see are stuck in snow on the local roads. Imagine that. These things happen me owd. There doesn't need to be a conspiracy in this. Im off for a nice big walk in the snow to escape the forum lunacy. If by the time I get back, the FA and MI6 have turned up at Gal's asking why he's been downloading weather reports from Siberia and uploading them to the BBC weather page, then I apologise. #letitsnow
  9. Derby Snow - Game called off

    It has to be remembered that Warnock has the diplomacy of Billy Davies. The day I start looking to Colin for an opinion or explanation about anything is the day I give up. He'll be accusing Mel and Gal of trying to bribe the weather next.
  10. Derby Snow - Game called off

    If Cardiff had travelled by their usual mode of transport (a tandem and skateboard) then they wouldnt have so many fans needing to turn around. Where's this 1000+ extra tandems turned up from? Im joking, bluebirds. We'd be the same if we were second. Hopefully your club will lay on free / cheap travel for the rearranged game. Your match tickets will still be valid. If you're promoted by then, you might go easy on us and settle for just the draw!
  11. Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    They'll sell out their allocation: always do. We need someone tough in midfield to compete with their clogger, Cattermole. Wind him up and he'll be off. They are absolutely garbage so a Rams win is on the cards. They will be up for it but if we score first it's game over. I live in Sunderland / Newcastle territory so a win is essential for promotion and my good standing in the community.
  12. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Hark at marathon man! One way of saving on the heating bills I suppose.
  13. Rowett

    Slow down and chill Winston. I post an irreverent comment about Gal's shoddy footwear, jibes at notts and WBA fans supposed interest in our manager and I'm public enemy no1. I suppose Gal is better than Howe or Dyche then? No, not right now eh? I presume your comment about my expert opinion is sarcastic, so I'll give my fan's opinion: Play better football. Win more games. Stop defending for 80% of games. Have more attacking guile. Have a midfield that can attack and not just predominantly defend. Start matches by attacking instead of containing / defending. Start with our best players. Less talking PowerPoint hyperbole. Less talk, more action. Enjoy the torrent of deserved abuse v notts next season if we don't go up And most importantly, get better trainers. Some Adidas originals minimum. If he's going to be cocky and raise his head above the parapet, then he needs to back it up with results. I've got loads of wisecracks to sling at notts and far better trainers. Im not even anti Gal but some of the blind faith 'gal will get us promoted cos he's Derby though and through' is ruddy foolish. We're all Derby through and through but some balance please.
  14. Rowett

    You're telling me. I'm a big admirer of both managers achievements but a bigger fan of Howe's football and ethos. For all Gary's enjoyable bluster at notts last week, if he doesn't back it up with some results he'll not look good. Just a loud mouth with crap trainers. That said, if I was Derby manager I'd be planting a Rams flag int centre spot, Souey style.
  15. Rowett

    There's currently West Brom fans int media saying that if Derby don't go up they should get Rowett to get them promoted next season. Apparently he's in the Howe / Dyche mould. Interesting.

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