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  1. Ha - I read the title and thought someone was going to recommend Frank gets his boots on this Saturday! When I was a kid at the BBG, I’d aim for 1pm. Not that that will help, sorry. But have a great day cos I used to love going with my dad to that car park near the Ossie End / Main Stand and meeting Davison, Wilson, Micklewhite and onto Shilton, Deano and Wright. UTR
  2. Tim Bucktoo

    Ex Rams

    Jonny Russell. Goal machine!
  3. Notts. Where men are men. And so are the women.
  4. I love how a team ‘sneaks in’ on the right side off FFP. Surely that’s brilliant financial management; the ability to get the absolute most from your available funds and resources. Like last month I only just managed to make sure my wages covered the mortgage, car, utility bills, food, clothes, holiday and going out. But I did it. I succeeded. This whole topic is one big steaming pile that the clumsy lemmings in the press haven’t the intellect or facts to write about with any honesty or professionalism. The tabloids and scut press should concentrate on the Prem teams who’s successes and fortunes derive from corrupt states with unethical (actually criminal in most countries) human rights records. That’s a huge, real and relevant story. Doesn’t suit their interests though. Too scared to get stuck into a real story where they might have to work for a real headline. There’s some great journalists and papers about but overall the press lurches from one round of BS to the next. After Levison, nothing has improved. Print what you want and only deal with the recriminations if anyone can be arsed to pursue it. The online 24/7 comic style ‘news’ just amplifies the whole effect.
  5. To be fair, Twitter makes graffiti on the bog door seem intelligent.
  6. The dogs have a good sense of ironic humour I suppose. Imagine criticising the chairmanship and management of another club! My dog mates are fed up with the (my sources said) human trafficking / drug dealing / match fixing Tony Ferrino wannabe.
  7. Was just thinking the same thing about the goosebumps. Obviously it’s forest but there’s something amazing about that video / game. It’s seeing a TEAM playing to the collective potential of 11 players. They’re confident, efficient, stylish, happy, have a rapport together / with the manager / with the fans. The commentary helps too. Deforestation indeed. Even Rammers quiet ‘go on son’ for Hendrick and little snigger for a later goal. Full house. Noisy crowd. People rave about Wolves and Leeds but that team were flippin good.
  8. Five years 😢 We were on the brink of (Derby style) greatness. And this was the most enjoyable stepping stone so far. Im a greedy bugger and being 5 up with 25 mins to go, I wish we’d got 6. You get brackets on bbc for 6 (six) 😀 and the ubiquitous ‘six of the best’ and ‘six appeal’ headlines. They’d never live that down. I’m sure someone could manipulate the horrid forest word ‘o’ into a big shiny 6 too. f6rest. Instead we’ve got 5orest, for5st, fore5t etc ho ho 5 (five) though eh?! Nice. Right, back to work.....
  9. Thudd plays like he’d be amazing at chess but not great at hungry hippos. We’re desperate for a David Batty / Lee Carsley type - whom were both amazing at owd hippos. Apparently. FLamps should be straight on the phone to Hasbro to sort one out for the next pre season and transfer window.
  10. Hmmm. They wouldn’t do this to a ‘bigger’ club in the promotion places maybe? I thought the financial year end was 31 March or have they been sat on this for 350+ days. Strange timing and feels very inconsistently applied. When I saw the headline I thought it was 9 points for that plonker running on the pitch and smacking Grealish. Which I would’ve supported. The penalty and not the smack!
  11. All the panic and outrage, yet if some fans found out that there was 3 quid left over after smartly complying with FFP, they’d be calling for Mel to jack it all in for being a tight wad. We’re probably FFP savvy / on the line BUT ONLY THANKS to Mel’s ‘investment’ - just like at least half of other clubs in the championship with aspirations on promotion. Where the buggery do fans think all these clubs get their money from? Tickets and replica kits?! A bit like a runner for PM candidateship, you need a benefactor or sponsor etc who believes in you. You do that with the understanding it might not work but you really want it to work and will give it everything you can. Otherwise, we’re prudent, sustainable and bob between the championship and league 1 like Millwall, but with a nicer ground, fans and scut. MM cannot win. Even if we go up, there’ll be those prophesising doom as ‘not good enough to stay up’, ‘we need £5000m investment in players. Yesterday’ etc. Football fans are to club chairmanship what pundits* are to insightful analysis!
  12. What an absolute load of tosh is being spouted in the news. There’s so called ‘sources’ saying we’re losing £3m per month. Sources? BS? Now talksport have a whole segment about FL and the demise of Derby. And to substantiate this ‘story’ they get James Nursey of the Daily Mirror to state that: FL is known to be off in the summer - probably Chelsea as they have a transfer ban and he’ll nurture the youth talent. FL has Derby playing an attacking and exciting brand of football (not for a while imo) but contradicts himself by saying how we are playing poorly (nearer the truth). MM is desperate to get out of Derby as he’s losing millions per month and most of our players are either leaving or looking to leave in the summer. Oppo fans are all singing about our annual implosion (he heard a rude song at notts). Then you read this journo’s recent story online and you begin to see the story fitting the narrative. Speculation and conjecture with a wild hope that some of the forecasts come true. If you throw enough poo etc etc. Plenty of mentions again of ‘our sources said’ and ‘Mirror Sport understands’. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/staggering-amount-derby-owner-mel-14167830 Spouting vague balls 24/7 used to be the job of ‘the bloke down the pub’. Now it’s a profession.
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