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  1. Someone with Mels love for the club and with his desire to succeed. Also with his willingness to spend an absolute fortune of his own money to try to achieve success but without his complete incompetence in running a football club, would be ideal
  2. The experience won’t stop with Uni. It actually gets better. Depending on where he goes, he will meet you at the train station. As normal, let you buy beer and food and stand with a knowing look at the train station on the way home as you give him a few quid for the journey home ( and the next few weeks). He will find far more exciting things to do with his time but for once every week or two, it will be like nothing has changed and you will appreciate the time together, far more
  3. Just imagine how crap it would be watching it live with a toxic atmosphere. There would be fighting and arguing between home fans. And poo football
  4. In a long litany of mistakes MM has made in charge of this football club. This must be the worst and most embarrassing. Any serious investor will have him on toast after this
  5. We’ve got to hold and give but do it at the right time We can be slow or fast but we must get to the line They'll always hit us and hurt us, defend and attack There's only one way to beat them, get round the back Catch us if you can, cause we’re the Derby men And what you're looking at is the master plan We ain't no hooligans, this ain't a football song Ram with no eyes on my chest, I know we can't go wrong
  6. What’s your problem with the pink kit. I like it. Shows off my eyes
  7. Is that the first time a goalkeeper has gone off with embarrassment
  8. meeting obviously wasn’t zoomed enough for him to spot your little cocky
  9. If we are playing 2 full backs as wingers. Any ounce of confidence our wide players have left will probably have evaporated. Not keen ☹️
  10. Got a nasty feeling this won’t finish well. We are settling up for hoof ball and they win 3-0 with both old boys scoring
  11. Any news on Jordan Ibe? If he is anywhere near a return to fitness physically and mentally, one wing would be sorted. We could then do what Watford did and play predominantly down one flank. It may be predictable but still unstoppable with the talent Jordan had and hopefully still does for his sake and ours.
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