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  1. With what!!!!! We were so skint we went into administration. Get a grip man
  2. How would 14 points get us in the top 2? WBA currently have 22 points in 2 nd. Is that Gibson and EFL’s fault too?
  3. Pretty sure it’s 5 % of tickets sold minus costs ( Police etc) all helps but not sure the financial situation will be much improved. The lift it will give the players and the impression made on prospective owners will however be massive
  4. Mike Ashley isn’t stupid enough to leap out of a frying pan and straight into a fire. Newcastle fans were harsh in their treatment of him imho. They have always been a nothing of a club with amazing support and always will be. It doesn’t matter how much money they have. The worlds best players will never live in Newcastle. They may get to top 4/5 but no higher. If he came to Derby( he won’t) but we should consider ourselves extremely fortunate indeed. Don’t kid ourselves. We are a basket case of a club and should be happy to even be linked with a bloke of his proven business acumen
  5. 2 games in a week probably exposes the shallow nature of our squad but would have taken 4 points before we kicked off on Weds. COYR
  6. Just having pint number 4 in waterfall and will see you there 👍
  7. We are definitely in the water. It’s called ships creek without a paddle. We will have to agree to disagree on the root cause. You blame the EFL and I will blame the financial mismanagement within our club. Buying Anya, Blackman, Butterfield, Johnson et el for massively exaggerated prices and on massively exaggerated contacts for example.
  8. Not at all well structured but most clubs have navigated it ok. I am sure lots of clubs are struggling financially but we weren’t close to the wind. We were in the teeth of a hurricane and capsized to keep up the nautical metaphors
  9. If it’s down to the financial structure in the championship and not MM, could you please explain why the other 23 clubs haven’t gone into administration as well??
  10. I still think you need to adjust the sights on your rifle mate. EFL didnt cause this mess and neither did Gibson. Get MM centre in your cross hairs and let fire. I do feel a email to the EFL letting them know that we, supporters are suffering as a result of Morris’s mismanagement may lead to a more compassionate response. Attack is the worst kind of defence in this instance. The fact that Sky want us on TV is a great advert for us as a big fish in this little pool. They won’t want to bankrupt us to prove a point but cannot let us get off Scott free either. We just need to take it on the chin and play the long game back to good times
  11. Only downside, they may be tempted into more redundancies if the work is being done for free but I am sure assurances could be obtained prior to onset of a voluntary workforce. I am still available Saturday 3 pm if required, put fresh dubbing on my boots just in case
  12. If 3 championship midfielders have played better than Shinnie this week, the gulf between the premier league and the championship must be much smaller than I imagined
  13. Just got home and can’t wait for Saturday ( long, long time since I’ve felt this way). Great effort, great support, great spirit and atmosphere. The quality wasn’t too shabby either. Which corner of the ground shall we put the Rooney statue in??
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