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  1. No you need to do it this morning
  2. The idea indeed would have come from Sky but the clubs could but didn’t object. Sky wouldn’t propose putting it on at five if they didn’t think they could make some revenue from it at that time. They are a private company, making business decisions. Football may be nothing without fans but it will cease to exist very quickly without money. In the absence of sufficient revenue from fans for a long time yet. The only option is to take the corporate dollar and play as and when we are told to. I don’t like it as much as you but it Sky pull their money from lower league football. Dozens of clubs w
  3. Think you are missing the point. If the game is on as a stand alone game, they will get viewers who would rather watch live football than the chase or pointless. Thus giving them a reason to pay to put it on. If it was on at the same time as the premier league games, it would attract nobody outside of the specific clubs fans. The clubs could have objected to the fixture schedule but didn’t. The reason being they are desperate for the money. Why should Sky be the focus of your angst and not the clubs who have agreed to it?
  4. Another way to look at is this, it’s a nothing of a game with little interest for anyone outside of Derby or Preston. There are several premier league games on later which they have paid hundreds of millions for. These games have far more demand nationwide and worldwide than ours. By putting this game on early, the championship clubs gain much needed, extra income which they would otherwise miss out on. Thank you sky for your flexibility and support for the cash strapped championship. Those who take any and every opportunity to slag Sky TV off, just because it may not suit them, should hang th
  5. Have you cancelled your sports subscription by accident maybe?? the catch up stuff is free to view but all live sports need a subscription. There were 2 options when it all kicked off with the Covid outbreak. Suspend or Cancel the sports add on. Sounds like your sports subscription may have been cancelled.
  6. Call me superstitious but I’ve watched 3 games on Rams TV and we have won em all, so sticking with it for now. Plus not sure I could watch Ben Hamer play in HD without having heart palpitations
  7. Ok sorry, it was a good job the lad who kept running past Forsyth for fun. Couldn’t cross a ball to save his life though or we would have been in big trouble
  8. We had no hope??? They may have been faster than us but without a total clown in goal for us, they wouldn’t have scored. Or even looked likely to do so. Pace is useful but skill and nouse are much better. Just watch Mr Rooney
  9. Why are people being so generous to Hamer with scores of 4 and 5. He was shocking
  10. Reminds me of the police squad line. Who are you and how did you get in here? “I’m a locksmith and I’m a locksmith”
  11. It’s not nurses contracts. It’s the short term contracts the trainees were offered to cover the influx of patients. As it turned out, hospitals have been virtually empty thus all the extra staff not needed. They will now get the remainder of their education. Still should have their entire student debt written off though in my opinion. If they serve 5 years in the NHS
  12. The government have signed contracts for covid19 testers who are sitting on their arse all day doing nothing and contact tracers, equally sitting around doing nothing. It stands to reason they will have similar over staffing in hospitals. What the lady doesn’t appreciate is, the NHS trusts offered her the contract and not the government.
  13. Met him a couple of times. Once at an exhibition match v Jimmy white and once at a charity golf day. He did a after dinner speech at both. Absolutely brilliant ( although did use same one at both😂). Great company and sadly missed 😢😢
  14. Sorry for your loss mate. My dad died at the start of this year and like you my mum survives him. First bit of advice is to use the tell all facility at the death registry. They cover pensions etc and saves a lot of faff. With regards to probate it depends on the size of estate. There are no hard and fast rules but most banks and isa’s and shares seem to have a £50 k rule. If he has less than that per account you won’t need it. We got all my dads stuff transferred with very little bother. It’s a good idea to get half a dozen or so extra death certificates from the registry as the banks won’t
  15. I’m sorry to say b4 but the current argument FOR the protests may be going over your head. Don’t worry about it though, the arguments AGAINST protests, are also going over the head of most of the protesters. Knee jerk reactions rarely prove to be good decisions. Both sides should take time. Reflect and put forward positive solutions. I am very biased but myself and both my sons are scholars of history. Most consider it a easy or worthless study. But the only way to learn from one’s mistakes, personally or as a nation or even on a global stage. Is to evaluate your mistakes and endeavour to corr
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