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  1. There is a footballer in there trying to get out. For whatever reasons, personal or professional he is compromised. He has the potential to be a very good player. Hopefully one day it will click, because otherwise it's a waste of talent. My patience with his performances over they past few years has declined, but I still think he has talent which just hasn't fully materialised. He's still you young enough to grasp the nettle and really push on to the next level, my worry is he's got too many issues to fulfil his full potential. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Not really an accurate representation of events though is it. You'd need to state you'd been parking in the same spot for a number of years and nothing had been indicated as an issue, the attendant had said it was ok, again and again and again (he isn't the new boy, more likely the old fart who's been around awhile and likes to sleep in his booth). Nor has the car being parked causing any obstruction to an emergency vehicle, more likely it's blocked the bloke in with the flash mercedes who has also parked in a similar spot and doesn't like the the fact someone has had a similar idea. All a bit of fun I get it.... But it's not a fair analogy.
  3. I don't buy the we keep looking for loopholes statement. The club has conformed to the rules that have been set out before them, been transparent with the approach. They have presented what they are doing to the governing body and had their actions sanctioned....... But now they've made a 'mistake' and now they've changed their mind...... PFFFFFFFTTTTT! Utter incompetence on behalf of the EFL. Haven't got a leg to stand on. To admit in writing they've made a mistake is slitting their own throat.
  4. What are we getting away with though? We played by the rules as they were set out before us. The f@+ktards at the EFL have capitulated to Bamford United's Steve Gibson because someone stole his dummy. Whilst I agree with you about not caring what other fans have to say about us, I wouldn't want Derby County to have the ignominious reputation of Leeds.
  5. accordance in British English (əˈkɔːdəns ) noun1. conformity; agreement; accord (esp in the phrase in accordance with) 2. the act of granting; bestowal accordance of rights
  6. This statement says it all in a nutshell:- Derby said in September they “adhered to the profit and sustainability rules” over the sale of Pride Park. “The stadium was subject to an independent professional valuation before sale, nearly 18 months ago, and the EFL indicated in writing the arrangement was in accordance with its rules and regulations,” the club’s statement said. “The EFL cannot now, long after approving the arrangements, suggest Derby County breached the rules.” How the flying f£@k! Can the EFL now win this in any kind of professional process? They indicated in WRITING it was in accordance with its rules and regulations. It's a farce!
  7. Yawn...... As most have said already, innocent until proven guilty. Let's face it, Bristol City are doing well to be a Championship club, we all know Rovers are the big club in Bristol. Your last paragraph is amusing if thats leveled as a criticism against Derby... Do your research. Look who we've sold over the past few seasons to generate funds. The systems rigged and crooked from top to bottom. Mel played within the rules, presented the EFL with what he was doing before he actioned it. This is a retrospective action, which if applied should have a lot of other clubs worried due to other very dubious financial activities employed to rig the system in their favour. Hope they go after the club's with sister clubs next for dodgy over inflated transfers...... It's the same principle if we are being accused of inflatimg the value of the stadium. Casing point though, it was valued independently and that valuation was presented to the EFL well before any of this with no concerns raised. You want a level fair playing field? Get rid of the parachute payments. Let the club's be financially independent of these droconian measures. Other mechanisms can be employed to safe guard clubs assets from unscrupulous owners. It's ok to be bankrolled by dodgy sheikh billionaires, dodgy russian oligarchs, dodgy Greek shipping magnets etc etc though...... That's just fine. It's all complete horse $h1t!
  8. I think we all need to just Tog on.
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