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  1. After 90 Mins 2-2 FRGS Lawrence. Utd to win in extra time 2-3.
  2. Nailed it with this post for me Schmokes. He looks a different player at the moment. Glad he's showing his potential, would've been such a waste for him to continue the way he was earlier in the season and before when we seemed to be carrying him. Talented lad no doubt, long may it continue, as in his current form he is a massive asset.
  3. Sheffield W 1-2 Rams Derby FRGS Lawrence
  4. Last minute change of heart. 2-1 to the rams. Waghorn to score 1st for the rams. C'mon lads
  5. Spot On Schmokes, Spot On!
  6. He will be perfectly safe until he pulls the Derby shirt on..... Then it's curtains! And I'm not suggesting he transforms into our learned friend on here! 🤣🤣
  7. Rams 1 - 2 Fulham FRGS Waghorn Hope I'm wrong and we get a win!
  8. Must have been watching a different game to me the other night. Number of issues experienced in that game which cost us and none of them were because Bristol are a better team or play better football. 1. Defending set pieces... Problem all season.... and the season before. 2. Goalkeeping positioning also an ongoing problem. 3. Officials.... Poor decisions, however it's the previous 2 that cost us the game...... .......but ok your right... Bristol dominated us and beat us easily.
  9. You said they are a fairly safe bet..... I disagree.... As per my comment... Any team in this league on their day can beat another. Stating that they (Bristol) are likely to be top 6 with this many games left is stretching it. They aren't very good. You've basically contradicted yourself by admitting what I've just said, any team game beat any other in this league..... therefore there is no safe bet! Way too close to call with so many games left and sides so tightly packed is really my view. Your entitled to your opinion, I think there are at least 6 better sides in the division who should finish above Bristol. Make your own list folks...... I wouldn't put us in the top 6 btw. Think we've left it too late, but you never know! Their home form, much like our away form suggests they aren't good enough.
  10. Rams 3 - 1 Huddersfield. FRGS Marriott
  11. I have to disagree, nothing in this league is a safe bet. Luton and Charlton won against teams well above them. Bristol are not a good team, they are very poor technically and we gifted them a win due to our own defensive frailties. Bristol never come into the equation as a target for anyone in this league, they are a nothing club. Now being better then Florest and the dirties is another matter..... And this year we may have to conceed we just arent good enough.
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