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  1. Brentford 2 - 2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  2. Stoke 0 - 2 Rams FRGS Lawrence
  3. Meh! He looks ok..... decent cover and someone to add some competition.
  4. We've played 1 match, won the game with some pretty decent football at times, but still some of the fans start berating players. Let PC do his job and coach these players, we might be pleasantly surprised. If they are not up to standard I'm very sure PC will take action. Give the lads a few weeks at least before you start ripping into them.
  5. He might be 33, but he is far from done yet. I don't doubt the quality he will bring.
  6. Wow! Just Wow! Have we moved into a parallel universe? Got to love being a Rams fan, never a dull moment. Thank you Mel for making this the best start to a season in a very long time, can't wait to see Rooney pull on the Black and White!
  7. Always exciting this time of year. The rollercoaster ride is just about to start. Confident we are in safe hands with PC and the staff, more so than the experiment we had last year. I wasn't panicking over signings, he's already started to add what looks like quality to the ranks, and freshen the squad. As a club we have to target promotion, that's go to be a motivation for players. We are not going to attract quality players to the club to just make up the numbers in the league. Fully behind PC, I don't expect a bump free ride. I look forward to seeing progress, development, identify and good football...... Let the fun begin! I won't be crying after 10 games if it's a tough start as the team beds down. I believe PC given time will have us playing some of the best football we've seen in years. COYR!
  8. A point well made, if it was James Corden I would find it most amusing and would watch it on loop.
  9. Comedy is a very personal thing.... Personally I think this is about as funny as a kick in the nuts.
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