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  1. Imagine if we spent a load of money on a player and it actually came good for once? This is rotten luck man and I feel sorry for mel who continually makes efforts to sign players for us who could turn out to be well above our level and it just blows up in his face.
  2. What do you mean who's he? You just need to ask around his neighbourhood, hardest man around
  3. what the duck is Lawrence doing. Get him out of this club. Horrible player
  4. I think that is where these stat programs are flawed. DCFC seem to be using a lot of technology for their scouting rather than actually finding a player and watching him and seeing if hes any good or not. I could be completely wrong but I seem to remember talk of the technology being implemented a few seasons ago and since then we have done nothing but buy below average players in hot patches .
  5. Probably waiting to see if we remain in danger of being relegated
  6. would we do any worse if we promoted the whole u23 squad and played them instead of the seniors?
  7. free kick half way line. Both center halfs get sent up into the box then hamer lays it off short and we play short passes until we lose the ball and they break while our CH's are still in their box. Does anyone have a brain in this team? It baffles me how poor our squad is compared to just a few years ago. We have a relegation zone squad. Anyone blaming the manager has rose tinted glasses on.
  8. the players are garbage guys, nothing is going to change until there is a mass changing of playing staff. We have half the first team out injured....Chopping and changing the manager every 6 months isnt going to solve anything. Cocu hasnt even had 1 transfer window yet....
  9. is ramstv delayed for everyone else?
  10. Think anyone could drive Shay given to chelsea so we can get someone in that can teach this kid when to stay on his line?
  11. didnt we have a thread on this 2 days ago?
  12. Good servant, thanks for the memories. Its the correct decision, we need to move on.
  13. Just get rid of him, what use is he going to be in 14 months time without having played for such a long period and coming back from such a huge injury.... Hes done. Move on
  14. yes but hes a goalkeeper and he cant catch a ball.
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