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  1. we have 2 points from this losing position all season. I feel sick to my stomach that this is actually happening to our club. League 1 will not be the reset that people are saying we need. We would be mid table fodder playing like this
  2. Careful, some people on here think max bird is the best thing since sliced bread. I think he does nothing except hide behind the opposition team when our defenders are looking for an outball. He is terrible.
  3. I wonder how long the prospective new owners will delay the transfer of funds now...Could be some last minute complications arriving as we inch towards league 1
  4. more likely that I win the lottery than max bird makes himself available to receive a pass from a team mate
  5. tom is so much better down the middle. Love this attacking line up
  6. Bird having a much better second half i must say
  7. See that quality pass from him there? Get him off
  8. Im not the only one that is mentioning Bird doing this. It is a regular pattern for him. We cant afford passengers at the moment. I just dont see why he is there. Even for the goal then, he ran over to cover shinnie who was already covering mcdonald which took both our DM's over to the right wing leaving a gapping gap in the middle of the pitch. I just dont see why we dont try Baningime in there or put knight in there alongside shinnie and play watson further up the pitch who has shown that he can play a pass. None of it makes sense. Why are we playing sibley on the wing and knight in the no10
  9. I dont agree, he hides from the defenders when they are searching for an outball. When ever someone is looking for a pass he runs behind a reading player, on the odd occasion he does receive it he takes the easy option and passes back too a defender and we are at square one again. Doesn't really put many challenges in, dont really see what he is doing out there. Each to their own opinion though
  10. Just wondering if max bird has come out of the tunnel yet?
  11. has anyone been able to get the games to stream from a firestick onto a tv or is screencasting the only way?
  12. Wasnt the reason lampard took so long to move because Mel was holding out for compensation for the coaching staff? Don't think it was lampards fault
  13. Play watson out of position then drag him off at halftime. What a way to boost the lads confidence on his debut! Hes barely had a touch all game because of where hes been played. Feel really really sorry for him.
  14. why is watson playing on the left? Put him in birds position, get him on the ball!!!
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