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  1. it was Sheffield Wednesdays before ours
  2. probably dragging out till the 1st for ffp reasons as others stated previously. Maybe Frank is doing us the favour too help us out financially.
  3. Goes with best wishes from me. We knew this day would come, just hoped it would be in a couple more seasons time. He gave it everything for us this past season and wouldnt mind him coming back in one day. Thanks Frank
  4. If we have to beg to keep him...let him go and get chris hughton in. We are going to end up with another mclaren newcastle situation.
  5. I would think he wants to know if he is going to have any budget to rebuild the squad next year. If he gets offered the chelsea job then he will be off.
  6. Its not really "our" thing though is it.. a few clubs do the bounce.
  7. thats why you dont take off quality.
  8. yes, lets put a striker on that hasnt scored a goal since stone henge was created.
  9. great block from cole, no fear...gets his head on it. awesome.
  10. how we all feeling now we have slept on it? I feel worse about the result. 😑
  11. This is a massive 45 minutes coming up that may decide our fate for the rest of the season. The boys have got too dig deep and pull themselves together for everyone that loves this football club. Come on youuuuuuuuuuuuu Rams!!!
  12. Lawrence and cole getting destroyed down the left side. Got too stop the crosses coming in.
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