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Reading the Harry Potter books when I was younger showed to me clearly that JK Rowling doesn't understand sports mechanics. They fly around on broomsticks trying to score a goal worth 10 points while the seeker can capture the snitch worth 150 points and ending the game. What's the point of even trying to score goals? Why wouldn't the Chasers just fly around themselves trying to spot the snitch for the seeker so they could end it as soon as possible? This is also not to forget that there are 3 goals that the keeper is charged with defending, all at different heights. How completely unfair is that? Also your going to have me believe that beaters have a wooden bat that they can hit what are essentially insane, random cannonballs coming at prodigous speed and they can hit these "bludgers" with accuracy and power without their bats shattering? Furthermore one of these "bludgers" wouldn't just raise a lump on the head if they hit you, they have about a 100% possibility of killing you considering the skull isn't stronger than what is essentially a cannonball hitting your head at speeds of roughly 50-60 km/h if not more.

They have brooms that can fly at 150 mph on a 500 foot long quidditch pitch. How do you stop and control at all with such a small given space? That's not even considering that brooms are likely much faster today because these books are based in the late 90's-early 2000's. One would assume, broom technology has increased a good amount since then given muggle advancements in technology since then.

Frackin Magic is crazy stupid.

Also Muggle Quidditch is a thing. In case you didn't know.

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