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When Rotherham United make their historic return back into Rotherham next season it will be to the iconic New York Stadium.

Chairman Tony Stewart along with Honorary Ambassador Howard Webb today formally announced New York as the name of £20m landmark venue, in front of a packed media gathering at its location, the former Guest and Chrimes Foundry site.

The name New York is in fact the historic name for the area where the new stadium is based. The old Guest and Chrimes Foundry actually made the distinctive fire hydrants which are dotted around the streets of New York, USA. The site was active from 1857-1999 and in its early years was one of many South Yorkshire iron and steel works which exported metal infrastructure to the growing cities of the on the other side of the Atlantic.

Millers Chairman Tony Stewart described the new name as the perfect link between the history of the area and the bright new era which awaits the club.

"The new stadium name is strongly rooted in more than 150 years of Rotherham's proud history of industry and enterprise, linking the old and the new eras and, I believe, it befits such a fantastic new stadium right at the heart of Rotherham," he told www.themillers.co.uk

"I have had many letters, emails and calls from fans with their suggestions. But, over the past few weeks, the support for New York really started to gather momentum. After careful consultation and detailed research into the local history of the site, we felt that New York was the perfect name for our new stadium.

"We also feel that the name can open doors for the commercial team at Rotherham United, and we looking into the possibility of setting up links between Rotherham and New York, USA."

World Cup Final referee and Rotherham United Honorary Ambassador Howard Webb was given the honour of revealing the name for new stadium, and he felt a great sense of pride at being the man chosen for the occasion.

"As a lifelong supporter of Rotherham United I am absolutely thrilled to be able to announce the name for the new stadium," said Howard.

"Rotherham United is my hometown club that I have supported all my life. The Millers are responsible for my interest in the game. To become involved with the cub was a huge honour, and now to be here, whilst the club stands on the verge of this momentous new era, gives me a sense of great pride."

Progress on the stadium continues to accelerate with the steel framework on three sides now in place. In addition, a number of notable organisations have developed commercial links. Last week's confirmation that local company Ben Bennett Jnr are to be proud sponsors of the 'Family' East Stand, follows that of Eric Twigg Foods and Pukka Pies putting their names to the West Stand.

"You get a sense of pride when you pass the site, and being able to put a name to it will add a huge amount of character to what is shaping up to be a stadium the club, the town and our supporters can be proud of," added Mr. Stewart.

"The location is perfect for people travelling into Rotherham, and I want it to be something that turns heads and makes people stand up and realise where we are going as a football club, and a town."

You can keep in touch with the stadium progress via the Rotherham United live stadium webcam right now, just by clicking the link in the top banner of the Rotherham United website.


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