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Memories of the way things Use to beeeeeeeeeeeeee


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I remember going to Plymouth in that FA Cup tie getting the draw and back to our place thinking were thru only for Steve Cherry to go plucking at thin airrrrrrrrrr :-(.

I remember watching Ted Mcminn get marked by 3 Man United players and listening to the tunes of the match of day theme tune every time he got the ball........

I remember going to Bradford just before the fire and getting stoned ( literally ) during and after the match and i dont mean drink.

I remember standing in the popside not being able to move and getting gassed by numerous SBD's ( silent but deadlys ) while watching the lads.

I remember going to Liverpool and not getting in there half with a bloody good team and the only fun that night was taking the mick out of the biggest police seargeant you have seen in ya life leaning on his stick and singing " have you ever seen your c**k " and the coppers at the back of him were helpless.

I remember being outside Sheff united on that cup day Hindmarch won it for us and the smallest united fan came up to the rams fans and said wheres the f*** DLF and i swiftly zipped my jacket up to hide me scarf rofl :-).

Eeeeeeeee them where the days.

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