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  1. Another thing i agreed with him on covid has hit the bigger clubs harder that are pushing to match the clubs that have come down with parachute payments you can see his side of this surely . The things he has done wrong for me is the stadium sale to himself that stinks even if tech legal . Also wasted millions on unwise decisions on players and managers to the point he cant fund this anymore . When you add onto this he has plainly put noses out of joint on tv rights ( i happen to think he is correct by the way ) and this has caused the big wigs at the efl to come gunning for him . Derby ought to be able to challenge who sat on the 2nd independant panel judging our accounts , the fact it lacked an accountant like the first time stinks of an efl set up , this should go to a higher court of law .
  2. The biggest thing for me was the reveal that on the 2nd sitting of the panel judging our accounts we had no accountant on it like the first time who was totally happy with how Derby did it . Do you not think on its own that this stinks and certainly shows the EFL are not giving Derby a fair crack of the whip , i happen to think that what Mel said about how Derby have judged their player values as perfectly o.k .This in my opinion should be abled to be judged at a much higher level than it has been as i think deffo Mel has upset people in the EFL before this and they have been out to get him no matter what the cost ( Stevie gibson comes to mind ) . Im not saying im sticking up for Mel as he should really have batted on a straight wicket and he has tried to bowl a few to many googlies . But the fact remains on the fact of who sat on the 2nd sitting if its true absolutely stinks and doesnt put the EFL in a very good light at all. Surely Derby as a club can take this further . .
  3. With relegation now certain to league 1 , rooney will go next week but to be honest im not bothered . Only 1 thing will keep rooney here is if he actually becomes part of a package to buy the club which is possible seeing as he has just trousered 21 million and a club is on sale for a tin of beans .
  4. Never mind trying to find out who the next lot are . What about the german centre back ? Also who was the dream team takeover people percy was on about . Its a bigger mystery since finding out WHO WAS THE PHANTOM FLAN FLINGER .
  5. I know who it is for definite .
  6. Yes most definitely . To be fair being a Derby fan after the golden period has really been quite awful with only a few highs all to quickly swept away with lows . I really dont get how clubs like Aston Villa and now it seems the most unfancied midlands club in Leicester City stay up there and achieve the success they have and we wallow around constantly in the doldrums . We have the fanbase, we have the ground , we have the training area , we have had chairman with moderate amounts of money . Just why does it go so wrong why is there no even keel .How we are not an Everton or an Aston villa .For me Derby should be always at least be a half way up the league prem team having some brief times of maybe top 6 now and again . How is it so mismanaged and messed up . I mean come on how the hell are leicester where they are jesus there nothing more than a corner shop selling cobs rather than a shopping in Harrods . I know i sound horrible but just how have they done it and we have messed up with what we have had at our disposal .Even a messed up club like Newcastle have come down twice and shown just how easy it is to go back up straight away . At the moment im totally sick of football and in particular Derby disappointing County , im fed up with them . So fed up im not even now bothering listening or following the match on a sat afternoon , i know we are down and most fans are just putting themselves through more agony watching us go down . Why has Morris got like this it doesnt add up . The brief respite of England in the euros was a welcome distraction and because of my lack of interest i didnt watch england till the 1/4 finals , but when you get proff footballers take penalties like that you have to wonder about the state of the game .Its easily summed up for me . It is down to sky and to much money in the game , players generally dont care and pretend to like the club they play for , Money has ruined this game and its not a poor mans sport anymore at all . For me its all rather similiar to people in life right now .Just after the war people were close helping each other saying hello to each other basically pulling together , fast forward nearly 100 years and now your scared to walk through a town centre for if a group of youths set on you and video on there phone . There is alot wrong in life and its going to get worse .Morals in sport and life have gone through the window . Ive long thought that if we were a London club or based around Manchester liverpool area we would be huge . Players like the night life its alot easier to attract top players to major citys . But Leicester have bucked that trend of thought for me , im gobsmacked at how a poxy little midlands club have achieved what they have .Lets be honest hand on heart , i have always looked at leicester as an also ran a 2nd rate club behind both us and forest . Just gobsmacked at what is happening .
  7. Ravel Morrison has signed there is hope lol šŸ™‚ .
  8. It must be the derbyshire air lol .first mr jewell with someone tied to a bed post and now rooney .jesus as a manager and if the pics are recent he will command no respect . He has to go unless its proven its old news, even then its not great. The bloke has to now go . Curtis Davis your time has come player manager and with it some respect .
  10. Derby County return to training PMSL ...........what all 5 of them šŸ¤£
  11. Surely an important bit is missing . Something like how can the EFL for 3 years pass our accounts and approve them and then be provoked by we think 3rd parties to fine us on something they have already accepted and passed . Surely the above is the actual main thrust of the argument .
  12. I have to admit that came to my mind and would love it if on national tv that happened .
  13. The only thing fans can do is travel in large numbers to preston or london for a demonstration to gain news coverage outside efl headquarters .
  14. Sometimes in life you dont see whats under your nose and i think curtis davies has been absolutley brilliant for this club and he is still here .
  15. I know i know . No experience whats so ever , butttttttttttt cant help feel there is a sensible young bloke who commands respect and would do things quietly and rightly ( a bit like Nigel son of god Clough ) . Would a complete reset in the division below be such a bad thing lets clear out all the bloody lot .The chairman who has got us into this pickle, get rid of rooney , and most of the players who quite frankly are not good enough . My gut is saying Davies is going to become an excellent young manager and he wants to stay at the club .Sometimes when your at the bottom , it might not seem as bad as it is and who knows the EFL and their major player ( steve im going to get morris gibson ) might be doing us a real favour in the long term .
  16. My take on this. Its clear as day that Mel has cooked the books esp with the stadium sale back to himself , but legally he has done nothing wrong bar be very smart and found a way round everything .We all know it , he knows it and the EFL know it but certain people with influence are pushing the EFL buttons and most probably middlesborough area is where its all coming from . If we could take this to a high court outside of football im pretty sure Mel would win as how can they punish us for what they passed off in the first place its just totally bizarre . One thing has crossed my minds the EFL are getting away with this now , its no doubt Derby have been clever in their accounting but we have done nothing wrong legally speaking and the EFL are behaving now like pathetic schoolboys , rather than look at there own issues in this . Instead of us all moaning on here why isnt there an organised protest by Derby fans outside EFL headquarters with certain banners like " YOU PASSED OUR ACCOUNTING METHOD " etc etc .Get the drift, they are getting away with it because its not out in the open how they are at fault in all of this . Although Mel is not clear of blame if he hadnt tried to be to stupidly clever we wouldnt be in this mess .
  17. The silence is deafening i know its early but the lack of info on anything happening around a take over is awful , amd the slow speed of the 12 points were going to get , is it being done on purpose ? , i mean how long does it take .
  18. He was yes , so do you now bang him on a new long term deal and then get the old familiar TL back and wish you had never have done it or just let him go now . Form me its let him go far to ineffectual over far to many match's and puts the whole stupid drinking incident to bed . While he is here it will forever still come up . Time to move on and let him go .
  19. One other thing most are missing . His mind often isnt in a good place , to many moody players im sorry to say in a squad isnt good for a we are all in it together attitude . Im sorry but he should have gone with keogh . Get rid like wales have done .
  20. Must be just me that thinks hendrick and hughes havent pulled up any trees since leaving the club and we as fans of this club have been that use to seeing trash for last few years , that any player with even the remotest blip of skill we slap a 20 million bounty on their head believing their the next best thing to bread and dripping . Rant Over p.s We are in for one hell of a depressing season as the lack of urgency from prideless park is AMAZING !! . And no its not a wind up post .
  21. Christ how far have we fell when we want a 31 year old back on the wing , jesus he wasnt even a proper winger , we just shoved him there , was actually a striker . But he was just workmanlike at best , he is now 31 blimey come on wake up .
  22. Rooney is not far off clough Mark 2 , no funds whats so ever and being asked the impossible, and fans judge you on this its unbelievable . Yet Mclaren comes in and got some funds although not a ton but he got more than clough had . Then he is gods gift . The lover boys of Mclaren on here i wonder how blinkered they would be if alonso took over put Mclaren at the reins and gave him millions to sort the team out . Yep if he did it good job as its easy to muck it up even with money but jesus Rooney has even had a proper start yet ............COME ON you lot give the bloke a chance .
  23. Honestly i think your being very very unfair . I cant stress this enough im not a rooney fan all the off field stuff he has got up to and being sent off and hoodwinked by ronaldo shows what nouse he has upstairs . But im not one for not giving someone a fair crack of the whip to change my mind . FA Coaching badges dont make me laugh , to much is pointed at this , christ he has seen it all done it all at the top of the game you telling me he doesnt know how to put a trwm together and tactics going to get his badges wont change a thing . Its like being employed to do a job for 10 years then suddenly being told you dont know what your doing, or how to do it unless you have that piece of paper all of a sudden its laughable . The bloke has had no money he has had no bloody strikers and he has had to rely on youngsters who are promising and not ready for a game every single saturday esp in high pressure situation . Im not a rooney fan but to be fair to him he deserves half a season with cash to buy players and reshape HIS squad before the axe should fall , then and only then he will have no excuses . We wont be going up next year anyway anyone with half a brain knows this as we will have a points deduction .
  24. We will not start on a level playing field expect the efl decision to come swiftly this week we will be -6 at least . Although Uncle Mel was smart and has legally done nothing wrong you cant deny the sale of the stadium to yourself idea is stretching whats allowed to the limit . We need to NOT rely on Bielik in midfield as we have another thorne on our hands , we need a backup in that position and for me its not shinnie . Hopefully it all kicks of next week and we get the efl decision and the takeover decided . Things do need to happen fast thats for sure as we almost need an entirely new squad . Im not so sure that jason knight is the player we need , i give him leaway as he is young and must be knackered but in the past 10 games he hasnt pulled up any trees for me . All the youngsters we have should be complimenting better older players and gradually coming into the team not being the main spine of the team . For me i would only prob go with buchanan , bielik , out of the main squad . Would keep sibley, knight , and get mengi and roberts back thats it . The rest can go .
  25. What about clough at leeds , what about Alex fergusson at one point , fact is he has been handed a squat with no proper fit young and hungry strikers , and also no money . I think you have to give him half a season.
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