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Football Today. (for the glass half full lot!)


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Those spine tingling moments when the atmosphere is electric. Rare now, but worth the wait.

Watching clubs stuck up their own ar5e thinking they've got it bad. Arsenal and Liverpool. Tragic that they are only finishing in the top 6.

Leeds thinking they're going through hard times and will come out again on top of the Premier League. The smug feeling i get from knowing they wont. And also knowing that no matter what pundits say, no real football fan feels any sympathy for their little drop into the world of lesser mortals.

Leeds trying to take the moral high ground with Millwall and Man Utd's "Istanbul" stick........ after singing Munich songs for the last 20+ years!

How we always seem to get the last laugh over Forest nowadays. 2 years of role reversal and order might be restored? Hope so. Gives me satisfaction.

Away games.

Atmospheric night games in Play Off Semi Finals and League Cup ties v Man Utd.

Not much really. Most of them belong in the other thread...... Don't know why i love Derby County or even like football. Rubbish game.

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