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Billy's biggest achivement to date.


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"This is Billy Davies biggest acheivent to date" his own words of course.

Forget getting Derby up to the Premiership on a shoestring, no, it's keeping Forest in the CCC, if he had failed it wouldn't have been his fault.

This is why this man is hated at every club he has managed.

The little *****, wasn't he thinking of Preston?

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Reason will be that he doesnt like Derby......

For past reasons and obvious reasons being rivals now!

This serves one meaning which is "I want the fans to love me", he is doing it to get a rise out of us Derby fans and to give the Reds a bit of a kick and prove where his loyalties lye and to make them beleive he is the right person for the job.

Personaly i see through it as the man obviously cannot talk sense if you had heard his poor excuses for performing poorly in previous match's and going on to slate players publicly. The poor regime and managing they have at Forest, and there facilities compared to ours? theres no comparison. They have there history which they seem to mention at every given chance, we have ours.

If you look to now we are the bigger club! won a far bigger achievement than that with us. If you see the picture of him and the after match interviews you will know that these words are bullshit that he is saying now.

If things go tits up for him. The fans are who he will want on his side because the board wont if he slips back into his usual form and they start to slide again.

F*ckin reddog ******* /ohmy

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