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Beware this scam


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I have been the victim of a hoax phone call last night.

The police are very aware of it and are asking for all people in Bournemouth and Poole to be vigilant with their responses and that the message is passed around as much as possible.

The team of criminals are calling Bournemouth and Poole numbers saying that they are working for sky,bt,virgin and talk talk.

They are saying that there is a virus on their computer that may have come through the internet from the provider and it must be removed asap.

They are asking the person to visit a web site where a password must be entered, Doing so will allow the caller to gain remote access to their computer.

Of course there are no viruses, they are taking bank details and personal information and are getting away with it.

They believe that the criminals are from India due to their accents and have been males so far.

They are also being very rude to people when they refuse to comply with demands

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My missus thinks I'm being rude when i just put the phone down. She'll listen for 10minutes then apologise for not being interested!

Then she'll moan about the feckers for ringing.

Just put the phone down quietly and calmly as soon as you realise its an unsolicited sales call.

No bonafide organisation will ask you for any details over the phone, (unless you've rang them of course!).

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