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Just a thought really, more to go with the recent fixture pile up but would it be an idea to open the matchday thread earlier than just after the game before, maybe having five in advance, that way people can make arrangements or so on so forth earlier than that rather than having a build up of different threads all relating to the same game (i.e all the threads about bristol this weekend that having been coming up for a month or so regarding savages retirement)

I just think this could help tidy up the forum for next season so if anyone wants to arrange meeting for matches in advance they can do it all in one thread.

Just a tought anyway. :)

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I just had to check to see if there was one and you was being sarcastic lol.

Only thing I would say is doing it for home games as well would be helpful to people, like myself obviously, that come to the odd home game so they can sort things out in advance for those games as well.

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