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This Clough and Taylor Statue thing.

How much is the club putting forward?

The two people who will be subject of this statue were employee's of DCFC. They brought the most success to this club and raised the profile of DCFC to the highest level in europe.

Is it fair that we, the supporters should be left to fund the statue and let the club have our statue outside the ground?

Of course, the club maybe investing some money or all the money towards the statue. After all, the American investors love all the 125 year history stuff.

I might be out of order, wouldn't it be a massive statement by the club if in our 125th aniversary year they just announced that they were going to fund the statue themselves.

Hanging around, shaking collection buckets and tubs gives off the wrong impression about the club in my opinion. Yes us fans will no doubt dig deep and chip in towards the cost of it.

This is a chance for the new investors to show any doubters that they have the club at heart for the long term.

Rant over, feel free to argue with me, just don't bring my weight into it.

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Whats the going rate for a statue these days?

It's a difficult one, I agree the club should beable fund it themselves, although on the flip side if the fans are willing to donate money to the fund then is that such a bad thing?, the money the club would of spent on a statue can be used on transfers and wages instead.

The club should perhaps say £5 from every season ticket sale will go towards the statue fund, we've sold is it 17,000 season tickets so far so that would be £85k.

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The club could easily afford to fund the statue outright. As you have said just a fiver from every season ticket would be enough.

Get PTR to do the statue, as he'll do it for nowt as he is a massive fan.

Scrap value is down at the moment, so bronze will be cheaper now than when the Bloomer statue was cast.

I'll throw another can of petrol on the fire aswell.

Gulp, here goes.

Steve Bloomer V Brian Clough. Who would win a vote regarding who's more popular?

Have the board made a mistake by doing a Bloomer bust over a Clough Taylor Statue.

Bloomer played in a time when football was a minority sport, and was finding it's feet.

Clough/Taylor brought our finest period of football home to the Baseball Ground in the early 70's.

Brian Clough is watching.

Your thoughts?

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well done matty, the more we put in, the less DCFC will have to.

I'll add to it if I see a collection, but my views will still be the same.

What about a game between Derby and Forest preseason with profits after expenses going towards the fund?

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Now that sounds good - then Elvis will have contributed too

Clough and Taylor should of been first - my opinion anyway. I would contribute but i do feel this time the club should do it - like you say would be perfect as it's 125 years celebration.

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Has the club said they will be looking for outside funding or is Boycie jumping the gun here so he can have a moan?.

I've heard nothing official from the club other than they are looking into it at the fans forum.

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