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Rangers back down over ban


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Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor have been handed a lifeline by Rangers boss Walter Smith.

The duo have been handed a lifetime ban from international duty after indulging in a late-night drinking session and then raising two fingers after being dropped to the bench for the Hampden Park clash with Iceland.

Smith initially suggested that the duo would never play for Rangers again, but has now relented and admitted he may have been too harsh, especially as the Scottish Football Association have now admitted the issue was badly handled.

The Ibrox boss said: "I did say in an off-the-record briefing to journalists that they would not play for the club again.

"Since then I have had a think about it and I have looked at the way it has been handled by the SFA.

"The president said the issue, the original problem, was not handled properly, then (Scotland manager) George Burley said it had not been handled properly.

"So I ask myself: if the SFA admit they did not handle it properly, am I being harsh?

"If people in charge are saying it was not handled well, then I feel I have got to give them some leeway."


Theres a surprise, I take it we will see them playing for Scotland again in the next game aswell then

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I think thats harsh to be fair, loads of footballers go out drinking all the time (Teale was there aswell that night). Yes they should of took the ban on the chin like adults instead of sticking 2 fingers up, they are not the first players to stick fingers up to the crowd and they won't be the last. Didn't Beckham and Ashley Cole give the finger to England fans at one stage?

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I agree they should have. In fact they shouldn't of been on the bench although if Scotland had the same amount of quality players to choose from as England they would have been sent home. Saying that I still think a lifetime ban was to harsh.

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