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Rams Top of the table


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No i'm not dreaming

Derby County will average almost 4,000 more fans per championship fixture this season than in the premiership campaign.

If the house fulll sign goes up for the next game we will finish with an average gate of 29,500.

Only 3 clubs in the last 11 seasons have managed this - Sunderland, Man City and West Ham.

We have now sold nearly 18,000 season tickets and 700 new ones.

We are Derby Super Derby We are Derby Super Rams

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Originally posted by David;10351

I'm going next season so you can stick your armchair comments up your arse

Not going to Pride Park tho, well not planning to anyhow. Away games for me next season with me Pea Shooter looking for Ninja's.

You wont find a ninja at away games mate

Just someone with a headband mad like me, and maybe a banana when they get there arse in gear lol

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