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Pre match routine


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Is there anything that you have to do before a game and will always do it as you think it will bring you back luck if not carried out.

Mine is bang along on the dash board to the first bit of the opening theme tune to Radio Derbys sportscene.

"Der de de der bang! bang! bang! de der der di deeeer di der"

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Originally posted by Boyciniho;9773

do you have that ice stuff in it?

i sure do, untill the place and i quote "runs out of ice" like wtf haha, sat in the beer garden like last week against burnley was fairly warm out so sat outside with warm glass, was not pleased lol

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David's Match Day Routine

  1. Hoover the chair out from the last matches Pot Noodle spillage.
  2. Make sure the laptop is fully charged.
  3. Stock the in chair refridgerator with beer.
  4. Place the remote in the pouch.
  5. Ring the missus before so she has no reason to ring me during the game.
  6. Go for a pee and sometimes a number 2
  7. Grab a Pot Noodle.
  8. Run a quick check that I have covered 1-6.
  9. Sit down with the laptop and let the football commence.
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wish i could have a few pints before the game, use to before i had the daft idea of having kids!!

now it's get woken up at 5.30, breakfast, clean up, washing in, spend 9-12 telling kids to shut up so i can watch soccer am, make dinner, grab a quick 1/2 hour of soccer saturday, get peed off listening to them ars e lick the top4, wait for me mum and dad to come to pick me up, drive down PP and park up outside east stand, quick fag as i walk round to stand

then as i walk get in the ground the crap from the mornng suddenly seems to lift!!

god i am old!!

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