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How long before we do this too....?

Hartley Hare

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"The world's most expensive season ticket will go on sale next week for an incredible £15,000 but the buyer won't be getting access to football's big guns, this ticket is for Peterborough United.

The League One high-flyers are charging more than all 92 teams across the four divisions in England with the £15k price tag for the 2011-12 campaign.

Posh fans are being asked to pay almost 10 times the cost of a Real Madrid season ticket for the honour of watching every home game, eating as many pies as they want and being the guest of a club director for an away match.

A spokesman for Peterborough defended the decision, saying: 'It is the first time we have done this. We had some seats left in the director's box so we decided to launch this ticket.

'It is a lot of money and we have no idea what the response will be like, but it's something different so we hope people will go for it.'

Under the offer ticket holders will be called 'honorary directors' and take their place in the London Road Directors' Box.

One fan said the £15,000 ticket represents great value.

Julie Harris, 34, from Peterborough, said: 'If I could afford it I'd definitely pay that much to watch them, it would be worth every penny.

'I'm sure there will be some rich fans who will grab the tickets.'

The figure outstrips Premier League sides Arsenal, who are asking £1,825, Chelsea, £1,695, and Tottenham Hotspur £1,210.

The Posh season tickets go on sale on Monday, March 7."

Can't believe GSE haven't brought this in at Pride Park before now. But Peterborough? Honestly? :confused:


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