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Hello all! I used to visit the DET forum on a regular basis and very occassionally contributing. On this computer, Explorer kept finding a fault and shutting down. Don't know why. Have joined the Facebook group and I recognise a few names from the DET forum.

I have used overhere as my name as this is what I find myself shouting most often from my seat in the East stand. I get so frustrated when we don't use the width of the pitch! I am confident that Nige will sort this out and that he will be sorting it out in the Championship.

So, I hope to be conversing with you soon,


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Originally posted by vicky-27;9156

Ay up Overhere, welcome enjoy your stay.

I'm east stand upper.

Come on David tell overhere where your seat is

I've got a funny feeling you might sit next to me!

Give us your row? mines H

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Yeah there's no point in booing anyone, unless they're an idiot. Booing Derby players in inexcusable. However if someone has the names Billy Davies, Rob Earnshaw or Cristiano Ronaldo then booing should be eagerly encouraged and partaken by all fans.

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