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no this isnt a thread about cheryl cole or katie price.

My daughter wants a dog and I am now considering getting her one.a labrador to be precise.can any dog owner give me adviceon where to look for one and whats the best insurance etc.

Haha bowled.

Try a golden retriever. They're tiny as puppies then they get big. They're awesome dogs though.

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awww love puppies ;)

i would try the kennel club website first, if you look online at pets4homes or epupz i would look with caution as you can get so dodgy breeders who advertise on their, not all of them mind you though.

when you enquire and go for a visit ask to see both parents of the puppy, if they do not own the dog then they should give you the owners details. i would defo try and get KC reg puppies with correct paperwork.

make sure the pup has had it's first injection and is wormed and flea treatment is up to date. the pup should of had a health check with their first injection so ask which vets they used and ask if you could contact the vet. if they are knowledgable breeders they will not have any problems with this.

I give my pups free 8 weeks insurance with pet plan but after that i use sainsburys as it's good value for money, with your insurance you need to make sure that all potential illnesses are covered as some only cover one ailment.

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