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Dissertation Questionnaire


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Hi guys

Hope this doesn't get deleted (like it did on the 606 forum), as it's relevant to Derby...

I am a final year student at Leeds Metropolitan University currently in the process of completing my dissertation/MIS (Major Independent Study). I have chosen to investigate the issue of foreign/non-UK national ownership in the Premier League. I have structured a questionnaire and am looking for the views of fans of all 20 clubs on this subject. Although your club is not currently in the Premier League I still value your views, as you are a well-supported club with Premier League tradition. Your opinions on foreign ownership will be vital to the conclusions I hope to make. As mentioned in the questionnaire introduction, I can send you a copy of my results section once I have completed the full report if you are interested.

It would be a massive help if you have a spare 10-15 minutes to fill it out. If you click on the link below it takes you directly to the questionnaire. Once you are finished just click 'submit' at the bottom.


Thanks in advance!

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Done as well, would say.. don't presume that all foreign owners are ready to throw money around, a lot of questions I felt that it was asked in fact that foreign owners come over and throw money around, when a lot of them aren't that trigger happy, just the top clubs.

although saying that the highest spending side under english ownership is Spurs, they're probably the 5th/6th highest spending team in the last 5-6 years? at a guess.

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