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Teale escapes punishment


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Gary Teale has expressed his relief after the Scottish Football Association decided to take no further action over the recent drinking row.

Derby winger Teale was one of four players who indulged in an early-morning drinking session with Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor while on international duty almost two weeks ago.

Teale and the three remaining players went to bed long before the Rangers duo, who have subsequently been banned from representing Scotland again, and the SFA have decided the quartet would not face any sanctions.

Teale told the Daily Mail: "It's hard to comment on, first of all because I don't want to see anybody else get in bother.

"But I think everybody would have been hugely disappointed if anything more had come out of this.

"It wasn't as if we were all up all night, getting up to no good. It's just that we got back so late and, looking back, probably the best thing would have been to go straight to bed.

"A lot was made of it and the situation got out of hand. It has taken a long time to take care of it.

"It was a big distraction that we could have done without in the build-up to such an important World Cup game.

"All of us were just delighted that we did get the result against Iceland because we are all so desperate to qualify."

The SFA were keen to point out that Ferguson and McGregor were not handed their lifetime bans for the drinking session, which took place after the March 28 World Cup qualifying defeat in Holland.

The suspensions were for their reaction to being dropped by manager George Burley, with the two players giving V-signs to photographers while on the bench during last Wednesday's victory over Iceland.


I heard he's having a knees up down town tonight to celebrate if anyones interested in joining him for a few pints.

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