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another Russian wants to buy Porsmouth


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Looks like Glick will have to forget his fav excuse like "we do not want to do Portsmouth" in future.

POMPEY’S chief executive David Lampitt has confirmed that talks have taken place between Russian businessmen who want to buy the club and its current owners.

Rumours surfaced over the weekend that Roman Dubov and his banker business partner Vladimir Antonov were looking to buy the Blues.

Last night Mr Lampitt confirmed that Pompey’s owners have spoken to the men – but could not reveal exactly what discussions had taken place.

Mr Dubov has said he is not personally involved in a takeover, but Mr Antonov said their company, Convers Sports Initiatives, is.

Mr Dubov is the company’s president, and Mr Antonov is its chairman.

The company’s third co-owner, Chris Akers, is a former chief executive of Leeds United.

In a statement he said: ‘Convers Sports Initiatives has always been interested in English football and it is widely known that we have been actively seeking to acquire a suitable club.

‘We have held talks with representatives from several clubs, including Portsmouth FC, however we cannot comment any further on the status of any of these negotiations.’

Convers was behind an unsuccessful bid last summer to buy AFC Bournemouth. Mr Akers was also the frontman for a bid to buy Glasgow Rangers, which also failed.

Now, both Convers Sports and Roman Dubov’s Facebook pages list Pompey as their favourite team.

Mr Antonov went on to reassure Blues fans that should his company take control of the club from owners Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir, the club would be given resources to ensure its success.

He said: ‘I would like to stress that if we do acquire control of a football club, we will dedicate our collective knowledge, skills, contacts and appropriate resources to make the chosen football club successful. This will always be our priority.

‘Convers Sports Initiatives has a long history and association with various sports around the world.

‘This accumulated experience and knowledge will benefit the selected football club, its players, employees and partners involved, but most of all – the club’s loyal fans and the community.


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