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Are we really in a big mess ,, Compared to Portsmouth


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if you take a look at our squad depth and our wage bill and compare that to this weekends opponents Portsmouths who are in a lower league position)

when we look at the likes of Dave Kitson , Dave Nugent , Kanu , Sonko, Hermann Hreidarsson , Aaron Mokoena we would instantly pick some if not all that we would love to see in a Derby shirt , especially in these hard days , but also look at there wages and Portsmouths position ,, we are not doing that bad with what we have and the financial state of the club , yes we need to get back to winning ways at Portsmouth , but do you think the Pompey fans are protesting that they are spending too much on "top name" players and getting no results (especially after they nearly became obsolete)

i DO want GSE out but further protests at Portsmouth and until the end of the season will have no positive effects on the field , we have to man up and accept what we have until end of season and get behind the boys 100% ,, COYR

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the club as a whole has never been in better hands.....

BUT , and it is a big but ....they need to open the purse strings and

give n.c some serious clout by getting the cheque book out.....

he has done his very best with very limited cash to spare...and so have the players to a degree...

Glick needs to get that over to the owners and give em a massive elbow

in the ribs and say lets give them some help with 4-5 quality signings.

it would be sad to see n.c go out of sheer frustration , and therefore lose

a manager who genuinely has his heart in the job,his staff too.


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Bogus argument. It is like asking: is Joey Barton worse than Hitler?

The answer is: no, but so what?

As Godwin's law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law) has been invoked, I feel I must close the thread.

Click here to go to a thread from a Pompey fan discussing the situation at their club, and there's countless threads discussing the current situation at Derby (such as the Is Relegation a bad thing? thread - and yes, it is tempting to just reply "yes" and close it).

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