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Thoughts after another broken window!


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Where we are after another broken window….


Unknown, we had been playing Metgod’s 4-2-3-1 but as Nigel decided to ****** that up by playing everyone out of position that has possibly been shelved as we heard today that we are now going to play 2 upfront, but not sure what else…


Bywater: Good shot stopper, distribution poor, command of area and defence non-existent, loony, unlikely to be around much longer – when is his contract up?

Deeney: Keeping the bench warm is about the limit of his aspirations


Brayford: Excellent prospect but keeps getting shunted out of position. A bid of 750K in the summer and he will likely “do a Moxeyâ€

No back up…..


Roberts: Apparently we signed his identical twin as the version we got bears no resemblance to a footballer

No back up…..


Barker: When fit superb, glimpses of the old Barker in last game but is clearly playing hurt and no respite in sight

Leacock: When not suspended or injured is glaringly inconsistent. Not a long term solution and doesn’t appear that him and Clough are bessie mates

Anderson: Injured more than Leacock. Did form excellent partnership with Barker last season but injured too often and too old to be long term solution.

Buxton: A trier but injured too often (geesh seeing a theme here at centre back) and probably League 1 is as high as he should really go.


Savage: Retiring at end of season (good riddance) and has only ever been about himself. Runs around a lot giving impression that he is trying, but the reality is that he can only pass backwards and sideways and is out of position 80% of the time as he simply can’t keep up.

Bailey: Settled in very well until Nigel played him when recovering from virus and then put him in the attacking three. Needs a bit more grit but can see a pass and make the pass and could be a true talent

Addison: Jury still out on best position, if fit could form ideal partnership with Bailey in 4-2-3-1 or be a solid centre back. If can remain fit could be a future captain for years to come

Green: Not sure where to put him really. Plays here for Ireland but never looked right there for Derby. Lots or energy but not always end product. Best football was linking up with Brayford but rumours that he could be another one out of the door soon.

Pearson: Worse than Green in every aspect. No idea what his best position is. Lots of energy but absolutely no end product. Knees gone. If he had gone to Palace for 400K we would all be doing cartwheels!

STRIKERS (sort of?!)

Cwyka: Still raw and a lot has been asked of him but shows effort and skill and could develop or as easily disappear without a trace. Needs to be handled well which rules out our current manager.

Davies B: Only had one game. Now Commons has gone will be seen as our main creative force. If given a free role could do a Ron Willems? But can he make the step up after all those seasons in the lower divisions.

Davies S: Has lots of potential if he can stay fit. If he can could make a big difference. Needs to prove he can in last 3 months as contact up in the summer

Porter: Another one with the “if he can stay fit labelâ€. Doesn’t seem suited to the lone striker role as first touch or physicality not good enough. Seems an above average finisher. Not convinced but if he can get 3 months continuously in the team then perhaps could contribute

Loaners (in)

Bueno: OK as long as temperature is above 20degrees and no-one tackles him too hard. Championship is not for his style of player. Obvious quality but has been found out after initial surge

Ayala: Could make a huge impact at centre back (if he comes) but then he will go and where will that leave us.

Loaners (out)

Martin: Winger that does not fit system – then why did we sign him… If flies at Notts County could get back on Nigels radar?

Croft: Not on loan apparently anymore and like Martin does he fit system and is he fit enough – seems unlikely.

Development players

Pringle: Shown energy but not perhaps the quality. Struck me as left footed, could he play left back? Could get forward well and perhaps a bit more rugged than Moxey?

Doyle: Looks too lightweight and needs to develop before being exposed

Ball: Knows where the net is but is he ready for the step up

Hendrick: Still too early but name always mentioned for ressies!

O’Brien: Still not ready

Mendy: Like Addison but a couple of years behind? Does not seem likely to be the answer.

Anyone else?

I would still persist with 4-2-3-1 and line up


JB SB DA BP (I can’t bring myself to pick Roberts)


PG BD SD (I think Bueno’s heart is not in it anymore)

CP or TC

If MA and JB can form a partnership, SBa can stay healthy and BD can pull the strings we might have a chance, otherwise we will do well to stay up!

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I never thought I would say this but I'm actually quite embarrassed and ashamed to support a club with such an awful squad of players.

It's a squad full of either journeymen pro's or/and injury plagued pro's.

We are further behind in any rebuilding plan than we have ever been and for the first time I feel let down by the board of a one time giant of the British game.

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For the first time, feel genuinely let down by our current board and manager. While I think we may be able to put out a vaguely competitive starting eleven tomorrow (see below for my thoughts), if they are all fit and playing at the top of their game, it is hard to see us winning enough games to stay up. If we do, Cloughie will have redeemed himself in my eyes but without a massive effort in the summer, the board have lost one of their few remaining supporters.






Bench: Anyone left who is fit...is there anyone?

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