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Cardiff tickets


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Posting this here because the other section i was gunna post seems to have dissapeared =/.

Unsure whether this has been commented or posted on before but tickets for the Cardiff game on the 8th have none for sale thats why there's no information for the game tickets on dcfc.co.uk.

If you still have your ticket from the match in january that never was, the idea at first was to swap for a new ticket but from what iv been told by ticket office your old ticket is still valid to get you in for the match (im guessing Cardiff have done this to save money on the printing etc of new tickets). So if you have got your ticket there's no need to swap its valid as it is.

If you didnt already know!!! anyone who is going, or wondering about the game.

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Originally posted by vicky-27;7554

Cheers Matty already went down to the ticket office as it said exchange them - but when i got there they said no you can keep your original one

Yeh i asked 3 different people at the ticket office to make sure lol, not going all the way there to find out its all cobblers and i dont have a ticket lol.

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Originally posted by vicky-27;7591

I did the same Matty - i made the girl go and ask the manager they never seem to know what they are doing in there !

Exactly, didnt know what to think, but wasnt gonna trust there word after all the times theyve messed up! lol

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Originally posted by vicky-27;7638

Are you trying to tell us in a round a bout way you have lost yours Ptr

They are good at the ticket office for that - they will issue you with a duplicate ticket.

I never had one in the first place... Maybe i could tell them i threw it away

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