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Its a bit dead on here, so thought i'd get a quiz going.

i'll put the 1st question up,

<span style="font-family:Arial">How many Father and Son combinations can you name who have played together in the Premiership since it began, with the Father as the manager and the Son as one of the players in his team?? I think there are 8 in total, name the teams also!</span>

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I was thinking Kenny and Paul Daglish, had to check it up if they were both at Liverpool which they were but never played him.

Cant get Jamie Redknapp and Harry out my head when thinking of this one. I'l ask a few customers when they come in, see if they can help kick start my brain.

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Second question.

1.What links Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore, Harry Rednap, Joe Carrigan,Bruce Rioch and Steve Daley?

2. Who was the voice of the original Tango man advert.

3. The stadium 'Guiseppe Meazza' is more commonly known as ?

4. Who is the 'baldy' in the picture?

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