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Jade Goody


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Jade Goody is the celebrity that people want. So she is the celebrity that people get. People are voting for her on Big Brother, they are buying OK!, Hello!, Heat, Closer and Reveal because they want to see pictures of her and read about her.

There are many people who have done so much more for this planet than she has. She has come from a deprived background to millions, being one of the first examples of reality TV indulgence. She has gained fame for stupidity and silliness. She has disgraced herself through racism.

Her cancer came as a shock. I don't admire the way she has put herself in front of the cameras with a bald head for money. She has made a mockery of her own life by doing this and inspired as media circus. However, fair play to her in the respect that people want to see her on TV and in the papers and will pay for this so she should capitalise from this and die as rich as possible.

At the end of the day, a person has died and at a very young age. Rest in peace Jade. My thoughts are with her family.

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