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Bad weekend for Derby, good weekend for 'Other Football'.


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Yes, Forest lost 1-0.

Biggest thing is that Manure have had an appalling week. After losing 2-0 to Fulham, they have some major suspensions for upcoming games; Vidic, Scholes, Rooney. All eyes will be on Liverpool tomorrow as they try to beat Villa. This will close the gap to 1 point at the top.

Maybe someone else might win the title finally?

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Originally posted by Boyciniho;6627

I know what you mean mate, it was a bad performance.

Manu will lose a million fans if they don't win the league.

They lost a few of their six year old fans when Chelsea last won it.

I don't support Liverpool obviously but I cheer them on from the armchair because I'd just love to see the look on Fergie's face if they took the title from under his red nose.

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I think Liverpool will fluck it up aswell against Villa, they always lose it on the run in. I just don't see Man United losing another game after yesterday, Liverpool play today and could close the gap to 1 point but United still have a game in hand.

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;6686

It's a mauling. 5-0.

I want this team to win the title and silence purple nose.

Who Sheffield United

The Special Mon will be peed off...how have Villa messed up so bad...DAMN i had Luke Young in my Fantasy Team :eek:

-1 he's on at the moment, plus a yellow.

At least A Young was my captain.

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