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Forest players on the lash


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Vicky touched on it just now in another post although thought it warrented a new thread it's that funny.

Heres a blog article


Forum posts

Lads on the lash


Forest squad in town last night


For a team fighting relegation and playing Wolves on Saturday can't wait to see what BD has to say on the matter

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i thought he was at home with his friend JONNY WALKER?

although i did hear a rumour that he was seeing a lot of his other friend STELLA!

i hear mcgugan will be in for a BITTER reception from billy and not a MILD one as he was anticipating

he will just have to GIN and BEER it like the others, (grin and bear it)and stop his WINE-ING after all his personality is LAGER than life , im sure he can take another SHOT from billy ,i bet he,s hoping he does,nt get CANNED from the first team, now that would be a RUM deal!

after all a footballer of his PEDIGREE has to keep a clear HEAD

sorry i was bored lol:D

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