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Not sure if this has a topic or been mentioned, but, with Brum's penalty yesterday, that's the 9th one given involving our games so far this season. In my time watching the Rams (since 1983) I don't recall such a flurry of penalties in the amount of games played......



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Crazy challenge from Bielik. If you're going to go through the player to get to the ball (don't, but if you do) then at least point to the ball after to try to convince the ref you did touch it. We might have conceded another when a shot hit Malone earlier. At the other end Zoon could have had one when barged off the ball (a foul anywhere else on the pitch) and Paterson should have won one when his cross was hand balled with the defender a long way away. Bielik was on a booking so should have been sent off too (second yellow).

Early in the matchthread someone commented there'd been more penalties in our early games than the entirety of last season. We've got to stop diving in and be calmer in our own penalty area. Not since the days of Jay McEveley have we dived in so recklessly.

That said, there've been two blatant dives against us to win penalties recently. Against Lowe and when the Bamford Bamford threw himself for the Bamfords. If I were Cocu I'd mention this in the prematch conferences to make referees think again instead of pointing to the spot.

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