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Does everyone hate Billy Davies?


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I was looking to expand my knowledge and came across a Watford forum and this thread on "kneegate"


Now I'l pull a few quotes from the Watford fans for those who can't be arsed to read it..........

I think davies is a ******

Davies is a c0ck.

Clough deserves a medal, Davies is a coknocker.

Davies is pathetic. My least favourite Championship manager, no question about it.

Looking at that again its pretty clear that Clough knees him

well done Nigel!

Good old Cloughy. Definitely gives Davies a whack. Wish we could all do the same.

All i can say is that Clough should have raked his foot along the back of the little dwarf's achillies, much better

Given the chance, i think we'd all give Billy Davies a whack

My question is, has Billy had a ding dong with Watford or is this just the general feeling from fans in this league?

I'm on a mission now to find which clubs fans hate Billy Davies, the list so far consists of...




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I think we can add Newcastle to the list......

This thread is about Billy Davies after match comments when they lost 2-0


He's trying some shitty mind games man.

Congratulating us before we're promoted and now trying to scare us out of promotion.

It's desperation of the highest order

he was trying to deflect attention after the game by bigging up newcastle. it sounded good and sincere and some on here even fell for it but the fact is he was taking attention away from his clubs fall from grace after standing there smug as a **** after beating us and spending the next two months lapping it up and telling anyone who would listen he was the next super scottish manager... silly cnut didn't realise to keep doing his job..he had the strongest team spirit in the league before christamas and their passing was far better than ours earlier but he started listening to his own press. I|ve said most mangers would have taken our squad up this year but if forest don't go up with their squad then he has to be the man to take the blame.

i'll be honest and say i believed he was being gracious in defeat on monday, more fool me. But it's poor mindgames really, firstly as this latest one seems rather transparent, and secondly, wouldn't he better off directing his energies at unsettling west brom who they have far more chance of catching.

Billy Davies is a ****,end of.

Billy Davies is everything i expect a sweaty to be, big mouth worky ticket scotsman who could start a fight in an empty house, billy sorry my olwd skirt wearing jocksman i have to agree with the laziousman you are a cnut

100 % spot on he thinks he is aScottish Mourinho when he is just a silly little cnut.

He's cut from the same cloth as Phil Brown.

He longs milk the adoration he never received as a piss poor footballer. Throw a mike in his face and he thinks it's his arena.

I'd hate to see him in the premiership with all those cameras and opportunities to court controversy.

He tried it too early with Derby, but nobody noticed because he was so insugnificent at the time

Billy Davies Hate List





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Leicester City

Billy thinks he should get an OBE


Problems with the Forest board I see. Didn't he have problems with the Board at Derby as well? Says alot about him IMO.

He is a cock

He's another one of those people who looks like an elf. He could be manager of Elf Utd with Ross Turnbull in goal and Gareth 'The Christmas Elf' Bale at left back. Arshavin is the captain.

The mans a broken record. I know it was said in jest, but an OBE ? honestly !

Probably do himself out of a job regardless of division. Annoying dwarf ****.

OBE stands for obnoxious bloody elf

What's he achieved again? One promotion and the side he built managed to be worst in modern-day top flight history.

This season Forest are in the top five biggest spenders of the division.

He's hardly Shankly.

What a bellend, I can't believe he's moaning about his 'hands being tied' with regards to transfers!

He's bought Boyd, McGoldrick, Blackstock, Gunter, McKenna and Camp, got Majewski and Shorey on loan - spending about 6 Million quid in the process. How much money does he think he deserves to get a side out of the Championship?!

The only players we've paid for are Wellens, Gallagher and N'Guessan. I'd love to see Nige get 6 Mil to spend, we'd probably be pissing all over everyone else in this league from a great height!

If Davies deserves an OBE for promotion, then Pearson would be worthy of a knighthood.

Billy Davies Hate List






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Doncaster Rovers

Billy and his OBE again


What a numpty!! Yeah a really difficult job, I wish SOD had £8 million to spend on players and have a massive stadium to create constant revenue!! If he thinks he deserves a bloody OBE then SOD definitely needs to be knighting or even become Lord Sean O'Driscoll.

I can't stand this bloke, a complete and utter pillock!!

Personally I can't stand the arrogant Ronnie Corbett-esque jumped up little umpah lumpah

Fully agree. Look at the money they spent in the summer. They should not expect to finish out of the top six (not that I think they will!)

Davies SHOULD win an award though- for being the biggest spouter of hot air in the Championship.

i think the word you are looking for is gobshite

Having a moan


Billy Davies has that thousand yard stare about him. I reckon he's a bit nipped in the heed. Probably small man syndrome too!

I cant stand the little ****. Expected nothing other than a moan from him.

i wish cloughie would of kicked him harder the other week.

he would not allow our young mascots to meet the forest players, told them politely to go away,their mascots allowed by sod to see our players

Billy Davies Hate List







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Swansea City

A search for Billy Davies over at Planet Swans


in a random order

steve claridge

nathan blake

kevin radcliffe

jay bothroyd

billy davies

neil warnock

andy carroll

joey barton

steven gerrard

Billy Davies is a baggy eyed scottish m***e.

Why do I have a massive urge to kick Billy Davies flat out between the legs

never liked him.he just a k..b

Chopsy horrible shortarsed jumped up Scottish t wat, did anyone see him chopsing and jumping up and down, P rick :evil: Why didn't we have a Penalty fuking cheated AGAIN ffs Took the words out of my mouth Max, only one word omitted from your post "dwarf" eg "shortarsed dwarf&quot...

Billy Davies has always been a C**T, ever since the jock pr*ck got sacked from Derby, he thinks the world owes him 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bloke a tosser and has a serious case of short man syndrome!!!

lets have a poll who hates Billy Davies

Obnoxious Scottish t**t.

I fooking hate Billy Davies

Not exactly sure why...but Billy Davies has been getting right up my nostrils lately.....the little Scottish twonk

I can't stand the mouthy little Scottish c•nt.

Kneed him in the back of the leg apparently.

Well done Nige.

oh yeah and Billy Davies is a tw a t too.

Billy Davies Hate List








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I'm just having a break for abit, if anyone wants to add to the list they are more than welcome to, it's not hard, just pick a club and put "Billy Davies" in the search and BOOM BOOM you will be greeted with comments such as "he's a twit, cock, cnut etc.".

Just copy and paste them on here and dont forget to add a linky, no linky means no proof and apparently no proof makes you a liar and a WUM (according to Master Bentwood of the NEP)

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He really is an odious little cretin as you rightly say. If you recall the "pet hates" thread a few weeks ago, I mentioned him as mine.

I have hated the tosspot ever since he came to prominence at Preston and he is quite possibly the only manager we could ever have at our club that would stop me supporting Stoke City.

I have this hatred of the *****, however irrational that may be, and I just can't stand the ****. Somehow, because he was born in the same area as Alex Ferguson, he thinks he is Fergie mark 2.

never liked the jock ****, the reason forest are doing so well is because they're the championships chelsea atm. constantly diving and cheating. got 5 Derby players booked yesturday in all of them the forest players making massive meal of things, soon as the card came out up like a robot no harm done. as billy boy didnt get his way and win the game, he does a wenger goes sore loser and **** off. i hope we do em next season home and away cus its obvious they're coming up.

Short arses always have a 'chip' and he's got a massive one. ****!

Like it!

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