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Talk about deluded, the blokes a fool!


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what utter drivell!

they know automatic is beyond them(promotion that is and not firearms)

i honestly thought that NOTTS forest would get promoted,

if they do ,well done!

if not ,then behold the wrath of trig , cause as sure ass eggs is eggs

youre gonna be sick of what the trigster has to write on numerous sites!

so let the games commence!

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get preparing then Trigg... not long till the end of the season and Forest are confirmed as a CCC team again...

I'll even be diplomatic if you like and not respond to your wummery by pointing out that simply getting into the play-offs is a huge achievement and great progress on last season, and that failure to get promoted isn't a failed season... but you may need to give me a heads up so i know which wum is you on the NEP - maybe wear a carnation on your avatar or something ;)

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