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McDonalds is good for you


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Boycie you no longer have to hold your stomach in :D

feel free to breathe out !

McDonald’s has fluttered its golden arches and seduced a highly unlikely partner: Weight Watchers. Yes, that’s right – the nutrition plan for people who simply can’t drop the pounds on their own.

In one of the least likely corporate endorsements of all time, the slimmers' group Weight Watchers has given its backing to McDonald's in a meal deal that has provoked outrage among anti-obesity campaigners

It’s hard to be anything but cynical about why this has happened: McDonald’s food is addictive and – unless eaten as part of a balanced diet – famously unhealthy. The sugar, salt and fat content in a McDonald’s meal is a delirious combination which has led some scientists to believe tha fast food could be “as addictive as heroinâ€Â.

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