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Sheff Utd Away


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lol, il be by myself sat like during the match and am not the sort of person to take pictures of myself infront of loads of people haha

i think iv arrived in a good few at away games when not supposed to though!, sutty me mate when we was at preston jumped in on a picture that got in the man utd programme towards the back, i was like you lucky b*stard!!! haha

iv just encouraged people to talk to me or say hello if they happen to be near me lol

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rofl, nahh i normaly go with about 6 of us, happens that i am the only 1 who can go with money issues and work etc etc, so travellin up with nick and helpin the lads before n after with the flag an stuff, just inside the ground 90 minutes because im not rams on tour they have different seats...

told my self i wasnt going another season missing both of the sheffield matches, missed united last time round and gonna do both this season because great days out rly!

and vicky, i wouldnt say im old few years before 20 still for me! lol

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Originally posted by vicky-27;4865

Still a baby I remember when i was 20 - just :mad:

haha still a good couple of years before 20

sorry if its what think im good at its the jealousy card about my age with older people

me brothers 21 and i give him jip for it !

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Originally posted by vicky-27;4876

Haha - bet you got all his old clothes when you were younger

haha didnt live with so i get new stuff, well made old stuff last, tough times

but yeh

i dont mind 90 minutes surrounded by like minded derby fans even if i dont know them, all there for the same thing anyways =)

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