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meet and greet with players at irish centre


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Savage told a good story about when PJ made him play for the reserves at Leeds away, so Robbie made his own way there and pulled up next to the team buss in a Rolls Royce just to wind PJ up!

When Savage was told he wasnt wanted at Derby any longer, and was struggling to find a club with even Brighton not wanting him, Adam Pearson suggested he try and get himself on "I'm a celebrity get me out of here"

Bywater is getting loads of abuse off the other players because of the way he was man handled by Shefki Kuqi in the drama against Swansea, they expected more off a cage fighter!! lol

Johnny Metgod, didnt have much to say but seemed a nice bloke!

Tom Glick was there, I got the impression he was there to make sure the three didnt say anything they shouldnt.

hahaha savage in the jungle would be funny lol :D

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