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A bizarre Derby County Prem XI.


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I guess it's 'Premiership' so can't include the likes of Hector, McFarland and Bloomer.

However Carroll, Leacock, West and Schnoor must have been put there as a joke. The rest are surprising but not completely out I must say.

No Poom, Stimac and Wanchope though. :frown:

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Andy Oakes

Stefan Schnoor

Dean Leacock

Taribo West

Dan Higginbotham

Rory Delap

Gary Teale

Stephen Pearson

Darryl Powell

Dean Sturridge

Paulo Wanchope

im more worried about andy oakes, i totally forgot about him, wonder whta he is up to now?

on another note, stefan schnoor, he was a half decent lpayer

how does this system work then, cause we could of had a far better team than that

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Lol it reminds me of when that guy on the DET did that alternative Derby County 'worst ever XI' in mark of our 125th anniversary.

It's both ironic and saddening how many of the players were from very recent years. I've had to watch a lot of crap in 19 years. :rolleyes:

yep i figured it out, had to vote between bjon otto bragstad and benny feilhaber

i mean how do you choose, i did get a real life tough one darryl or chris powell? i love them both!

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Anyone know who Brian Launders is?

no clue, i thought i new everyone who played for us during this era, but i havnt a clue who he is

how come igor, isnt anywhere on there or eranio, and wanchope doesnt make the top 10 strikers, where as marvin robinson does?!!!?!!

all i can remember of robinson is that he scored our last goal in the season we were orginally relegated from the prem, away at sundeland if i remeber correctly

this thing is weird

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here you go cumbrian,

daniele danio


signed from ac milan, played 2 league games, as well as the pre season friendly against barcelona, and he was a defender

i was thinking of daniel dichio


i think its the same person, thats the reason behind my mistake...

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This more like it!

Russell Hoult

Gary Rowett

Paul McGrath

Chris Riggott

Chris Powell

Rory Delap

Craig Burley

Lee Carsley

Seth Johnson

Steven Howard

Dean Sturridge

The two in bold are the ones I have a real issue with, the rest are justifiable.

yep alot better, chuck eranio and wanchope in there and you have yourself a more realistic squad

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well he has to like at least one player from the last 15years

Sharrup, I like plenty of players from the last 15 years.


Seth Johnson





C Powell





Just a few off the top of the bald patch, most are from the Jim Smith era, but in my lifetime that was a cracking team we had in the Premiership. As a kid I remember the likes of Van der Laan and Gabbiadini although you don't take it in as much as you do when your late teens.

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