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lost and found.


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just found 1 wheel complete with tyre,

do you know of anyone?, or club? who might have lost it?

if so give trig a shout and he will send it back to whoever (very slowly)


the end is in site for silly billy and his b1tch

sol sol i believe

dommm dommmmm dommmmmmm:D:D:rolleyes:

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the wheel obviously has flown right off if it belongs to silly billy davies and has ended up in australia,

as for postage costs i will need a guarantee from the aquisition panel(nobody lower than david pleat please, sorry billy/ned but your even lower in the order than david pleat) that all costs will be met by your selves,

sorry for this but after recent allegations that you,ve not been paying the council for the ground that they owe , it has left me even more sceptical of your club

billy i will even give you the number of a wheel fitter to put it back on for you as it appears that you,ve got no idea at all.

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ok preston it is then, just one question billy ?

will you be tall enought to collect from the post office counter?

or will you do your normall and just walk all over eveyone?:D

While queuing at the post office, a gentleman in the queue kneed me in the back. I think he was a bit of a coward but I wouldn't have minded if he had done it to my face. I didn't shake his hand.

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