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lesbians in corrie


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Coronation Street will finally screen its much-anticipated first lesbian kiss in April, according to reports.

Religious teenager Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) will snog friend Sian Powers (Sacha Parkinson) when a comforting hug turns passionate, the Sun claims.

A source told the newspaper: "Sophie and Sian think they're just good friends but their feelings for each other have been growing."

The source went on: "Things come to a head when Ryan tries to kiss Sophie. Sian runs back to Sophie sobbing - and their emotions take over."

The teens' embrace comes despite the pair taking a vow of chastity.

Rumours surfaced last year about the future storyline, and Brooke and Sian have long agreed on how to act out the scenes.

Brooke said in an interview last year: "I've just told her as long as she sticks to her own side when it comes to the kissing scenes things will be fine. But no tongues!"

A spokesman for the soap would not confirm the reported storyline, but it is thought the scenes will air on Friday, April 9.


shame its the wrong webster sister lol :D

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