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I have a complaint


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I feel the need to complain about an incident at the match on saturday.Whilst my back was turned a notts fo**st fan stuck 2 fingers up at me.I know this happened because my mate told me.I used to speak regularly to this fan but now we dont speak.Im not sure of his problem.I wouldnt mind if he had done it to my face but to do it behind my back was cowardly.Im not sure if I missed this gesture because im too blinkered or maybe because I was celebrating a goal...nevertheless,I feel aggreived.I will be reporting the incident to the league supporters association.I also refused to shake the fans hand after the game because of his actions.

Some people call me miserable and a sore loser but if you do il see you in court........p.s. How are Preston going on?

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I saw the fan stick two fingers up mate!

Look on you tube, i've slowed it down, you can clearly see him calling you a w@nker aswell.

If he just says sorry, i'll have all respect back for him, if not, your mates a discrace to his family name.

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