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Smegma is a natural secretion that builds up under the foreskin in males and in similar folds in female genitalia. Normally it is washed away easily but if there is an unusual amount of it you probably have a yeast or fungal infection. A tube of over-the-counter cream from a pharmacy should fix it. Sometimes using soap will cause a yeast (thrush) infection. Rinsing with plain water in the shower is enough to keep most penises clean and fresh.

If you were never taught to wash under there before you may have a build up of smegma that is difficult to shift.Softening with cream or oil will help remove this sort of build up. See the link below to my detailed foreskin stretching instructions. They contain hints about lots of things including removing such build up.

I would not recommend eating it on toast, unless the Pot Noodle cupboard is empty.

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