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stupidity at its best


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http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/47095000/jpg/_47095539_canalcar466TWO men had a narrow escape when they drove a car on to a frozen canal and then travelled for a mile before the ice gave way and plunged them into the water.

Police said the men, aged 22 and 24, were driving on the Union Canal near Winchburgh, West Lothian, yesterday afternoon when the ice cracked.

They managed to escape from the Peugeot 406, which was discovered shortly afterwards by the emergency services.

The front section of the vehicle was submerged in the canal.

Lothian and Borders Police said the men were later arrested and charged with reckless conduct.

They will appear at Livingston Sheriff Court at a later date.

A force spokesman said the men had a lucky escape.

"While it goes without saying that the vast majority of people have the good sense not to take their vehicles on to frozen waterways, this incident serves as an example of the type of stupidity that the emergency services occasionally have to deal with.

"There is no doubt that these two individuals had a lucky escape, and had the canal been deeper there could very well have been a different outcome.

"At this time we would like to join British Waterways Scotland in reminding people of the dangers of stepping on to frozen surfaces, let alone driving on them.

"The ice is now starting to thin and there is always going to be the danger that it will give way, with potentially fatal consequences."


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Not only stupid but tried to leg it as well by the sounds of it.

They managed to escape from the Peugeot 406, which was discovered shortly afterwards by the emergency services

I though they were going to be 17 year olds when i read it - not older, they should leave stuff like that to top gear.

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