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lets look on the bright side


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we all know its rubbish at the moment and for the first time in years the notts fo**st scum have the upper hand,regarding league position,nothing else.We have got this lot of inbred,thieving dole scrounging tosspots coming to a proper city and stadium in 20 days.If anything should motivate Clough and his team it is this.They are unbeaten away and they started their miraculous run at home to Derby.Where and whom better to end it?

Come on Derby!!! lets beat this bunch of baaasttards!!!

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No doubt they are rubbing there hands at the moment thinking they will come here and take an easy 3 points back to that sh!thole.

Hopefully the players will rise to the occasion as they did against WBA and Newcastle and we'l stand a good chance of ending there run.

Personally I have a strangely good feeling about this one, a squeaky bum finish but I reckon a 2-1 win could be on the cards.

One question, would you play Commons in this one?

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Bright side...

1. We got a good point away against Newcastle only a week or so ago

2. Plenty of time for the wheels to fall off for BD and the red scum :)

3. There's still 6 teams below us - which means to slip into the relegation places 4 of them have to get points on the board (which isn't easy at this end of the table) - and as has been said before 7th or 21st, really doesn't matter this season.

4. We've got 3 games we really can get something from coming up

5. A small run sees us in mid-table mediocrity and the "crisis" disappears for a bit

6. L**ds are still 1st division at the minute

Loads of stuff that's still positive. Lets not forget who we are :)

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You and 30,000 others, is he a player that would react better to abuse? Savage said the booo's makes him want to play better, must be in his element at the moment then.

Worst case scenario for us is he gets a load of abuse all game, then feckin scores the winner in the 90th minute.

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We currently have a set of uninspired and demotivated players. These players are capable of beating Forest but they have no idea how. Poor tactics, woeful team selection and being played out of position has made them look awful and their confidence is at rock bottom.

The players need to know that they can beat Forest. They can beat Forest and we will beat Forest.

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