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I could have been the new Fergie, laments John Gregory


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John Gregory may have vanished into the footballing backwater of Israel but a jaw-dropping interview with the former Aston Villa and Derby County manager shows he is still capable of ruffling the feathers of old rivals.

Gregory, out of English football since being sacked by QPR in 2007, admits that he once considered himself the new Sir Alex Ferguson and criticises Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who between them have won considerably more trophies than the current coach of Maccabi Ahi Nazareth.

Gregory tells Shem Hamisehak magazine: ‘I thought I’d turn into Alex Ferguson. Once a year a thought passes through my mind: what if I had been more patient? Had I kept my mouth shut, it might have happened.’

Of Benitez and Wenger he says: ‘He (Benitez) is lucky to still be at Liverpool. At any other club he would have been long gone. He got it wrong when he went all guns blazing at the Champions League at the expense of the Premier League. He used to play with weakened teams in the League and over experimented with the tactics. I adore the way he (Wenger) plays, but he’s making a fool of himself if he thinks his defence is good enough.’


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