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Jonathan Ross to quit the BBC


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Jonathan Ross has announced he is leaving the BBC, after 13 years working for the corporation.

Ross, 49, who is the BBC's highest paid star, said in a statement he had decided not to renegotiate his contract when it ends in July.

The presenter added his decision to leave was not "financially motivated".

In 2008, the controversial host was suspended for making a series of phone calls to actor Andrew Sachs on Russell Brand's Radio 2 show.

Speaking outside his home to reporters, Ross said: "It's probably not a bad time for me to move on - and it's probably not a bad time for the BBC, either.

"I've got six months left, I'm hoping to make the best shows of my career with them."


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over rated bloke with his head firmly up his own backside. the only problem with his departure is the BBC will give more airtime to graham norton.

Oh **** I forgot about that. If we have to see Graham Norton on Friday nights, I will consider actually going to Jonathan Ross personally and beg him to return to the BBC.

Graham Norton really is the dictionary definition of "talentless unfunny overrated moron".

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