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Premier League Manager Caught in Brothel


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PREMIER League manager spent more than an hour in the company of hookers in a "Thai" vice den, The Sun can reveal.

And when confronted by our reporters as he left, the married boss smiled and shamelessly admitted he knew it was a brothel.

We watched as the football chief was driven to the "massage parlour" last week. He was still dressed in branded soccer training gear.

Creeping privacy laws in the UK, based on the Human Rights Act, mean we are barred from naming him.

The brothel he visited is on an industrial estate and has no signs to indicate the seedy goings on inside.

The manager stepped out of his car, pulled on an overcoat then walked in.

More than an hour passed before the brazen boss emerged with his mobile phone glued to his ear.

We confronted him and asked him to confirm his identity. He did - and smiled as he agreed he knew he had been in the company of hookers.

Asked if he knew the building was a brothel, the soccer boss smiled and replied: "Yes."

The Sun asked him why he was in a brothel, but he refused to answer - and got into the back of the car.

When we asked him what he had been doing the car roared off at speed.


But ten minutes later the same car returned with another driver at the wheel.

The man rushed into the brothel before coming out a short time later.

A delivery man who saw the extraordinary events unfold told The Sun: "Everyone around here knows that it's a brothel and not a massage parlour.

"I was watching when the car pulled up and I was stunned when I saw who got out of the back.

"I recognised him straight away and so I carried on watching until he came out about an hour later.


"I was amazed that someone like him didn't try to hide what he was doing.

"He just drove up, got out and went in. He obviously thought no one would recognise him but he's a Premier League football manager."

The Sun can also reveal the manager was spotted outside the brothel, which uses Asian massage girls, in October. Again, he spent an hour inside.

A football insider said: "This is a man who oversees a football club which has been involved in multi-million pound transfers and pays players tens of thousands of pounds every week.

"Behaving like this leaves him and the club wide open to the threat of blackmail by criminals. Football is a massive business and he has a huge responsibility to the directors, the players and, of course, the fans. It's scarcely believable that he could be so reckless."

Punters using the brothel are offered massages or Jacuzzis and saunas - but hidden extras are easy to find. A Sun reporter was let in after pressing an intercom buzzer on the front door.

He walked into a foyer containing a washing machine and clean white towels.

A woman, thought to be the brothel madam, appeared behind a steel barred gate and beckoned our man inside.

She led him down a corridor and into a room with mirrored walls, where a woman in her 30s was waiting dressed in a maid's outfit.

The girl told our man her services would cost £100 an hour. When he asked if he could order any extras, she nodded - and mimed a sex act with her hand and mouth.

Our investigator then asked if she offered full sex and the hooker replied: "Ah no, that's what you want? I'll tell you later." The reporter then offered £70 for half an hour including full sex.

But the girl replied: "One hundred and thirty pounds, it's better if you go one hour - everything."

When the reporter said he did not have that much money on him, she asked how much he had.

He counted out £100 and she replied: "That's fine - you have enough."

When he asked if that included full sex, the girl said: "Shh, don't say that." She pointed outside and pushed the door to.

She took the money, left the room and shut the door.

The girl returned a couple of minutes later and said: "OK darling, take off all your things. Have you been here before? We'll take a shower and go to the Jacuzzi."

Our man said he was nervous, regretted going there and wanted to leave.

But the girl insisted she wanted to complete the "massage" because she had been paid and stripped to her bra and knickers.

When our man told her he was leaving, the hooker returned with the brothel madam who offered him half his money back.


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